this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it


i'd write a scathing app review but i run beta iOS and it won't let me

i left a 1 star anyway seeing as how he's so eager to see his beautiful app's review

@cdmnky what is the best choice/are the best choices on iOS right now? (for fediverse/mastodon interfaces, I mean.)

@emacsomancer I personally use toot, it's not perfect, but it has the most features of any i've seen

too bad it's like $4

@cdmnky Thanks! There seems to be no overlap between iOS and Android clients, so I never know what to recommend for iOS. It looks nice from the screenshots/feature lists!

@cdmnky @emacsomancer I don't mind paying for it since it's a one time fee for an excellent service

@cdmnky @emacsomancer The best one we've found so far is Metatext. Free, open source, multiple accounts are supported, has all the functionality (image descriptions included!), doesn't track you, makes an effort to be accessible, and is all-around pretty good.

@cdmnky Does that mean there's online one big timeline on that app as it would be on twitter?

@mms on the mastodon ios app, the only timeline is your home timeline (who you follow)

@cdmnky Ah, even more unclear why would he do that for me lol.

@mms yeah, it's confusing, and weird that he'd do it in the name of "new users"

@cdmnky @mms how do you even find anyone to follow in the first place then

@132ikl @mms they added a twitter explore style tab

because y'know, the thing we need most here is algorithms

@mms @132ikl basically in the search tab before you go to search for something, it uses your post history and cross-references with other users' posts, and recommends you accounts to follow

@mms @132ikl @cdmnky i just want to make clear it does not “use your post history and cross-references with other users' posts”
accounts can be recommended to you for three reasons:
- the instance admin has hand-picked them for recommendation (that replaces the previous auto-follow feature)
- you directly direct “positive” interactions (boosted, faved) an account
- an account is popular on your instance (the only other personalized bit here is your default language)

i finds the usefulness of this whole thing dubious (and i strongly disagree with gargron's view of public/local TLs, especially the later) but those recommendations are not really doing anything fancy personalization-wise

@cdmnky @mms If the apps is your first entrance to mastodon you wont make any friends. ..

@cdmnky leaving the comment that got deleted for posterity

for reference: yeah im not surprised he deleted it. doesnt stop him being a shit. im just so tired of his bullshit that i had to tell him to fuck off already lmao

whats more galling to me is the fact that he actually ignores the points i make in this comment and just goes "wehh that was rude dont do that again :(" in the response later on lol

@kaerhon Mastodon released an official iOS app the other day, called the Mastodon App

@tay @kaerhon it just came out 3 or 4 days ago so it's understandable

Don't forgot eugen is way too friendly with the cops & got paid a whole bunch of money to work on police research everyone!! #EUnomia


We went through this nonsense with Live Journal and Second Life.

The dominant culture hates there are spaces for fandom, queers, and others where we can't be made legible by the patriarchs.


And they will break the thing in the process of making it legible to whiteness.

I kind of see his point for federated timelines (room for debate though), but instance local timelines are one of the best features of the fediverse. I haven't followed the iOS app since I haven't any iDevices, so what is the point of it? Is it because app store policy enforces centralization in the client, or was this more of an optional eugen thing?

@cdmnky that is so lame. Literally removing the point to be on a decentralized platform.
@Jessica @cdmnky Mastodon kinda loves to kill instance individuality over the 'Masotodon Network' it seems
@Jessica @cdmnky every imstance is cut from the same loaf of bread
@meeper @cdmnky mastodon instances are so gineric you couldn't tell one from another if you tried.
Pleroma has a custom theme engine, modifications, stickers, markdown, and probably more that I'm failing to mention.

@cdmnky considering how anal Apple is about "ability to moderate content" this is unsurprising. I don't support the choice but I understand the choice

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