Elite Dangerous: Odyssey

putting aside the horrible performance issues, this DLC quite possibly broke the game completely.

The new on foot gameplay elements would be great if it weren't for the complete destruction of the galaxy

the new planetary engine changed all of the beautiful colors of planets we all know and love (those reds and pinks and icy worlds) into just generic moon grey

the huge canyons and mountains are gone, the terrain generation is flat and bland, ruining landmarks and making gravity racing impossible

the lighting system is too dark while somehow making light sources too bright, night vision is completely useless

the UI changes to the galaxy map, system map and other elements of the game make it more cumbersome to navigate and break basic features we used to enjoy like plotting a route to a specific point in a system

Somehow, fleet carrier management had regressions to the original beta maintenance fees that were way too high to be tractable, and they're useless right now because jumps are disabled

Everyone is focusing on the performance issues which *are* bad but that's usually ironed out in a couple days, however the damage it's done to the base game that we were promised wouldn't be changed is immense

In my opinion, it deserves the mostly negative steam review

i somehow managed to fit this with one character remaining and i'm proud of it

@hoppet brought to you by: that one crate that's the only thing that isn't culled for some reason

@cdmnky also i'm actually really sad to hear about the canyons, i loved traversing those

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