just over a year later we now have a sequel to the large boulder the size of a small boulder

@cdmnky this one's not as funny because it's clearly on purpose

@monorail @cdmnky i read it as more of a wrapping up of a loose end, a graceful send-off to a meme past its prime

@carcinopithecus @monorail @cdmnky ditto. IIRC the original tweet's authir acknowledged their mistake, so this seems more of a yeah, It's me, have fun y'all" more than an "how do you do, fellow memers?"

@cdmnky Jesus.. I'm never going to visit any of the 8 San Miguels in America just to be safe.

OCR Output (chars: 534) 

Image 1:
San Miguel Sheriff

Large boulder the size of a small boulder is completely
blocking east-bound lane Highway 145 mm78 at
Silverpick Rd. Please use caution and watch for
emergency vehicles in the area.

1:45 PM - Jan 27, 2020 - Twitter Web App

Image 2:
San Miguel Sheriff

A large boulder the size of a large boulder is blocking
the southbound lane Hwy 145 mm28 in Stoner Creek
area of Montezuma County. Expect delays.

9:49 AM - Feb 5, 2021 - Twitter Web App

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