personal account meta :boost_requested:​ 

all this junk happening on the fediverse lately made me realize that i should tailor my experience a lot more, i really need to start fresh

i won't be deleting this account, i love it on vulpine club, but i WILL be clearing all my followers/following and will be more picky about who i interact with and who i let follow me

i won't just let anyone follow me anymore if they have an age in bio, i'm only gonna let people follow if i've interacted enough with them that i feel comfortable with it

SO with that in mind

momentarily, i'll be clearing out everything, i've vetted my follows a lot and i'll start with a clean slate again

feel free to send a request again, but please wait at least 30 minutes from the time of this post to make sure everything's all cleaned out but just know if we don't know each other well i probably won't accept, and i'm gonna expect a huge inundation of requests so bear with me as i go through them, and feel free to signal boost so our mutual mutuals? will see

personal account meta :boost_requested:​ 

i just remembered that bug that doesn't actually unfollow you from the other instance's end unless you softblock them and thaaaaaaaaat's kinda sucky

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PSA: if you think you follow me, you probably don't

it's a bug that doesn't show the account has been unfollowed remotely

you know if you're following if you've sent a follow request since this has been posted and i've accepted it

so if you're seeing this in your home timeline and you haven't done that, on my end you aren't following me

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(unless of course you have, or you're seeing it second hand because someone boosted it)

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