hot take on the tiktok thing 

way too many people happy getting tiktok banned

just because you don't use it or care for it as a platform doesn't mean you have to support it getting outright banned and disenfranchising millions around my age who use it as a platform

yes it's just as bad with privacy as facebook, so why aren't they banning it as well?

seems pretty sinophobic that it's getting banned for privacy concerns just because it's a chinese company while american companies do the same thing and they only get awkward moments at congressional hearings and nothing to follow it up

hot take on the tiktok thing 

this isn't to say China isn't an authoritarian fascist regime of course

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hot take on the tiktok thing 

@cdmnky yes, if tiktok gets banned, they also have to ban facebook for consistency

hot take on the tiktok thing 

@LunaDragofelis and instagram, and twitter, etc.

but i doubt they'd ban all privacy invasive social media when that's Trump's platform, and they're actively trying to get a backdoor into it all hmmm

hot take on the tiktok thing 

@cdmnky based on the level of banning in the US, I'm guessing tiktok must be worse than the KKK

hot take on the tiktok thing 

@behold3r they kinda are on par with them cause they outright ban lgbt stuff

but still doesn't change the fact that this ban is very one-sided

hot take on the tiktok thing 

And how the fuck has Donny rhe power to ban an app???

hot take on the tiktok thing 

@cdmnky I think it's great because people are finally starting to realize "I don't like the things tiktok is doing. wait, $otherUStechcompany does the same things! I don't like that!"

re: hot take on the tiktok thing 

@cdmnky and you haven't mentioned google which has been around for a long time too, spying on searches, result clicks and analytics scripts on an unfortunate lot of webpages. I will be honest and say I didn't think about that banning tiktok is unfair if us-based surveillance companies would be allowed to keep going.

What also comes to my mind is how tiktok is an entertainment sharing platform and not much more. Google? They maintain android, a search engine, data storage with live editing, and a lot more. Banning them would be a lot harder since they're so deeply tangled in a lot of workflows. Surely there are alternatives to many of their services. But what I'm saying is it'd be harder to get them banned. I'd be happy to see it happen but believe it is less likely.

Facebook would be easier to ban, but doing so could create more opportunity for other companies to take the users. Banning tiktok would be likely to make those users move to other bad, if not worse, services. It wouldn't matter a lot, except that the data would belong to another country.

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