nordvpn giving data to cops and other things they hid in their new ToS and privacy policy

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real glad 1 year ago me feel for their stupid "3 year plan is on sale for 2 more hours!" scam

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@cdmnky i used them for like 5 years before switching ab a year ago. good to know i made the right choice

"...In cases where, following an appropriate legal process, we are able to identify a specific person, we will provide the limited data we process per our Privacy Policy. Depending on a specific case, this may include userโ€™s email, payment information (date of purchase, payment method and available details), subscription period, password expiration date or a country the user chose when registering for the Services."

aka legalese for "if we can identify data from a wanted criminal or other suspect we'll send it to authorities"

@cdmnky what the fuck is the point of a vpn existing if it's gonna do that

@00dani @cdmnky this isn't even the first time nord has been in controversy why does anyone use this fuckin service

@luna @00dani that big timer that never seems to hit zero on their website where they advertise their plans as a 66% discount but since they're based in panama they can get away with a con like this

@luna @00dani source: i was an idiot and payed like a hundred bucks for a 3 year plan and used it like twice

@luna @00dani @cdmnky everyone advertises it and i havent researched into vpns so maybe its easy to find what the best alternative is but i dont know. the only two i know are nordvpn frmo online and youtube ads and surf shark from youtube ads

@luna @00dani @cdmnky i saw someone else in the replies talk about first party and third aprty vpns
im the everyman(enby)
i dont know what that means
i know what those two terms mean but not together, i assumed it was first party, i dont know what makes it thirt party

@luna @00dani @cdmnky I was using black.vpn until they took my money one month and didn't allow me to connect. I used a VPN comparison spreadsheet that floats around and ended up picking Nord a few months ago, but this was before the new TOC stuff.


@cdmnky i assume every single website i see advertised on youtube is a startup scam honeypot

@cdmnky Thanks for sharing this! I don't know why anyone would trust a 3rd party vpn. They always turn out to be a) more likely to turn over or sell your data than your ISP (and I despise the big ISPs, I'm not saying they're good), or b) just straight up honeypots.

@cdmnky Guess it's time to change VPNs again ๐Ÿ˜‘

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