@monorail @cdmnky

man i't been far too long since i've seen a good MtG visual pun.......

well played.


imma steal that now.

@cdmnky oh right yeah you can't put magic and trap cards in defence mode thanks

@cdmnky is this just... the same picture twice but once sideways?

@monorail @cdmnky what the actual fuck, how is this a patentable concept in any way, shape, or form

@Felthry @cdmnky I really don't think it is but no one has bothered to challenge it

@monorail @Felthry looking at the MTG patent, the only thing remotely close to this is "flagging a card to indicate its state to all players"

@monorail @Felthry @cdmnky

I also rather imagine that MTG hasn't bothered trying to fille patent infringement lawsyuts against other games (such as YuGiOh) that have a similar card manipulation mechanic because..... well if they did that they'd waste a hell of a lot of money trying to defend their patent only to have the patent ruled invalid...

@cdmnky literally stared at this for a second and was like "...? I don't ge-oh for FUCKS SAKE"

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