looking through the snapshots for and this is the first time that the layout was updated in its history

they made a slight tweak in the mid-2000s which shows the sunlight shadows but other than that, this is all the iterations i think

the cool thing about these obscure government departments that aren't tightly influenced by politics is that they all acknowledge that the non-state territories exist

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side note, who here misses glossy bezels?

skeumorphism used to look ugly to me but now it's sorta grown on me because nostalgia

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@cdmnky NIST is a treasure. It's one of the few parts of the US gov that I respect and appreciate. They do cool work

@tomasino i still prefer to get my weather from

i mean it looks fugly but it's more detailed than i could ever get without shelling for subscription fees


"has anyone updated the webpage lately?"
"we have a webpage??"
"yes, it seems the last time anyone talked about it was uh..[checks notes] 2001."

@lyliawisteria I assume web frontends get often overlooked because most things that highly utilize these services use backend APIs so those are more deliberately maintained

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