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An Open Letter Calling for the Resignation of @Gargron from Mastodon Development

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It's a new and improved Sierra!

As you can see, I got a bit of a makeover!

🎨 @chr

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sierra: im an inanimate object
headmate: no you're an animate object
sierra: but I'm a literal pooltoy!!
headmate: a literal walking talking pooltoy!!

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Guess I'll make one of these too.

I'm an unemployed full time student so income is non-existent, so if you feel like sending me something, here's my cash app (no obligation to do so of course)$cdmnky

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Sierra awooed

turning the library room into a server area because all our media is digital

to think got milk ads convinced an entire generation of parents to make their kids drink about as much milk as they say to drink water daily today

resident polycule ~~starship~~ building mail room attendant is the logical conclusion to this

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in the world in my head i fantasize about being a space mail carrier

even more lewd 

taking the “my ass is so fat it has its own zip code” to the extreme by getting the building a zip code (like colleges do) and embroidering it on my jumpsuit pants

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putting the mail room in the main office where all the building control systems are so i can flip on a light in a personal room for when their mail arrives

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my nametag probably says “mail slut”

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my job at the polycule family headquarters/former school building is staffing the mail room with a jumpsuit that shows off my ass and cleavage

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arabic is a cursive language so the space between connected letters is generally arbitrary. something that survived into typewriters and even digital arabic in a limited capacity is the ability to extend words. for example


are all the same word. here's the same trick on the erika.

wikia/fandom/whatever tf they're calling that trash site is redesigning again and wikis are getting destroyed and unreadable

part of me wants to get in on the puyo avatar thing but i don't know what a puyo is or which avatar i'd use

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the first change eugen needs to make to turn mastodon around is to have the art director for puyo puyo on retainer for anyone who wants a new pfp

lewd gpt-3 generated text 

Inside every Smash player there are two wolves. One is a racist and the other is an incel. Some people called "furries" have a third wolf inside of them, but for different reasons. There's also a secret fourth wolf that is a literal wolf. His name is Odin and he's also racist.

kink shitpost 

"so which part of the taur has all the organs? are there two sets? or is one part just fat or something"

all stomach

alllllll stomach

i call it the "friend lounge area"

on a scale of :true::mostly_true::half_true::mostly_false::false::pants_on_fire: , is sierra cute?

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