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It's a new and improved Sierra!

As you can see, I got a bit of a makeover!

🎨 @chr

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📌 Interaction Rules 

  • Do not tag me in ebooks bot posts: it's spammy and I'll block you if it keeps happening.
  • Do not like/favorite anything with a "-" or "personal" cw: it feels like you're liking the fact that i feel like crap.
  • Pronouns: she/her by default, but feel free to use it/its more often, especially if I have a pooltoy icon set or I'm talking a lot about them as a mood. It's definitely a mood thing and I'll tell you if it doesn't feel right at the time, so don't worry.
  • Art: Ask me first, and only if I know you well enough. I don't want any art of me without my prior approval.
  • DO NOT RP AS ME!! The shark you see isn't really a fursona anymore, but the purest form of myself. It would be extremely gross if you did anything like this.
  • Circles: I'll be using the standard circles to tell you what kind of state I'm in, keep these in mind when replying to my posts:
    🔵 I'm doing great!
    ⚪ I'm okay, not feeling the best but not the worst
    🔴 I feel like crap and/or am actively having a breakdown
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alrighty, that time of year again

i'm back in class now so i won't be responding to many dms immediately like usual because i actually have something better to do now lol

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sierra: im an inanimate object
headmate: no you're an animate object
sierra: but I'm a literal pooltoy!!
headmate: a literal walking talking pooltoy!!

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Guess I'll make one of these too.

I'm an unemployed full time student so income is non-existent, so if you feel like sending me something, here's my cash app (no obligation to do so of course)$cdmnky

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its using a leuchtterm notebook but it doesn't really care what paper it is, as long as the ink doesn't bleed, ghost, or feather

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picture inflatable sierra with its cute shape and chubby round mitts writing in its bullet journal all the things it needs to do today with its turquoise lamy safari

somehow its handwriting is super cute instead of clumsy scribbles

altho it has a bit of ink smudged on its palm 'cause the paper's so good the ink doesn't dry quick fkdlsjdf

the word raccoon in multiple languages 

🇬🇧 Raccoon
🇪🇸 mapache
🇫🇷 raton laveur
🇮🇹 procione
🇩🇪 Waschbär
🇯🇵 ラクーン
🇨🇳 狸
🦝 Chitter-chit-chit


there is a CRINKLE CUT FRY in my Arby’s curly fries


yeah that's it

reminder to US people with income: the deadline to file your income taxes (or request an extension) is this upcoming Monday, May 17

monitor saga 

sadly accidentally ordered the 16:9 model instead of the 16:10

but it was on sale so eh not the end of the world

altho widescreen at this size is nice

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monitor saga 

new monitor is up and running!

i am now in the modern age, with a 1080p IPS display hooked up via displayport

subnautica mod where i play as sharkgirl me

i don't need a diving suit and all small-medium sized eldritch horrors don't come after me and just vibe like i'm another fish

time for the last two classes of the semester

thank heck

now my fountain pen, nintendo switch AND bullet journal are the same color



other people: T. T. R. P. G.

:sierra:​ Titty R. P. G.

fedex: delivery will be between 9:30 and 1pm

it is 12:47 and still not here but that time window seemed narrow and early anyway

i'm just afraid that it'll be delivered, i won't get to get it off the porch, and the UPS guy would take it thinking it's the broken one


nibby bat

i dunno what nibby means but it's cute

pirated family guy episodes on youtube be like

*adjusts the hue slightly, mirrors the image*
regular zoom


regular zoom


regular zoom


regular zoom


reminder: inflatable sharkgirls are NOT safe containers to store gasoline

PVC is prone to building static charges and sparking, which will blow me up like a grenade

me at 11:30, checking the window every time i hear a car slow down because packages galore


but i live on an intersection so there's lots of cars slowing down a lot

final software engineering demo presentation anxiety: i hope i don't have to demonstrate the install process because i don't wanna have [sudo] password for sierra: on screen in front of the cs department head, the dean, and a dozen other people

"prior authorization" is bullshit, the doctor wouldn't have prescribed me a controlled substance if she didn't think it would help

healthcare is a human right

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god how do i survive without adhd meds now that i've been on them and had a taste of functioning brain

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