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Pinning a reminder that you're more than welcome to draw my sona, so here's some references for you to work with!

Art by:
hollynight~hardday on FA

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I've decided that I'm dissociating with it entirely, deleting all my accounts on pleroma instances, the gitlab and nuking my instance

I won't stop following people on pleroma instances but I'm tired of the drama and headache of it all

I'm gonna just go back to only hosting gopher stuff and I'll be here full time, and this will be my only active account

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my internet connection is perfect, and even with my PC upgrades, firefox struggles to decode twitch streams even at 144p

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twitch has just been unusable lately...

also why are logano and blaney rocking the same exact paint scheme


now i can't tell em apart except for the white streak on the side of blaney's car

so the toyota teams got penalized for using bondo to change the shape of the front fenders 👀

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wait there's an action replay for DOS?

can't you just

edit a text file or something

craps rules are starting to make more sense to me

it's not about the numbers themselves, it's about the probability of rolling a value given you only have 2 six sided dice

like 12 is only possible in one combination but 7 is possible in 3

NOW i'm in the mood for spicy noodles

wait why does it say "user types 3" if it doesn't call for this kinda thing

i guess I'm done?!?!

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197 lines of MIPS assembly and I've got a working craps game


all i have to do is take an argument to automatically lose after getting n number of rolls after a point FML

i'm hungry but it's way too early for lunchy foods

did some more programming assignment stuff

i worked a good chunk and i kinda wanna finish it but NO, i worked enough

i needed a day to rest and relax...
....but now that i have one i have no idea what to do...

nothing feels appealing

actually I'm gonna head to bed early

had a long week and it's so comfy I'm gonna squee

don't mind me, just laying on my squeaky couch

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me: I have a strict policy of not getting youtube sponsored products

also me: gets 3 year nordvpn subscription

me: i have a strict pol-

also me: that ridge wallet looks cool as hell

me: I have-
also me: ting seems like a good mobile plan to get when i get rid of all my mother's little hooks in me

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