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sfw pooltoy art 

Hi, this is me, who I wanna be

Yes, you can hug, I can’t bite

by @dogfluid

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It's a new and improved Sierra!

As you can see, I got a bit of a makeover!

🎨 @chr

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sierra: im an inanimate object
headmate: no you're an animate object
sierra: but I'm a literal pooltoy!!
headmate: a literal walking talking pooltoy!!

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Guess I'll make one of these too.

I'm an unemployed full time student so income is non-existent, so if you feel like sending me something, here's my cash app (no obligation to do so of course)$cdmnky

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i've figured out my halloween costume this year

a human

yeah yeah i know, boring right?

but i'm already stuck with the skin so why not

deltarune ch 2, a meme based on some alt-right person saying speedrunning is some sort of sexual deviancy because jordan peterson said so (this is really weird to describe but it's hilarious) 

collar in a good sense


a kobl who really really likes their collar

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and THEN i thought "wait, is this what critters feel when they don't have their collars on?"

my watch is a collar

mind blown

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i just had a weird random epiphany in my head

i was like "why do i wear a watch if i just use other stuff to check the time since clocks are omnipresent these days"

and then i realized, it's 20% utility, 10% fashion, 70% that awkward feeling like something is missing if i don't have it on

if you chew an engram, is it like eating a giant gusher?

object vore half shitpost 

i’d eat these whole

if you do know a way to do sprite editing and find an 18-bit color profile to import to procreate and somehow workflow to convert to bitmaps without losing quality, that would be amazing

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any ipad users out there who do pixel art?

i’d like app recommendations

pixaki looks amazing but $25 is a bit steep

i have procreate and while there are pixel brushes, i can’t export to bitmaps and use 18-bit RGB color profiles for use in a DS game

d2 festival of the lost freebie 

there's a secret free emblem that you can get by claiming the triumphs for the first event page unlock

the process is a doozy but i followed this video guide

if you claim the triumphs and it doesn't let you claim the reward, sign out and sign back in and it should refresh

oh, you're supposed to choose "free trial"

and the trial version is the same as the paid version

that's kinda scummy ngl

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why does hexchat charge $10 to install it on windows

i find it weird that windows wants to constantly track my location when this is a desktop and is literally chained to its position by several cables

i figured out how to use bezier curves in paths

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i made pensivetraveler an emoji lol

it's low res so idk if it'll work well

when you're doing strikes with me and i have zero situational awareness and keep hunter dodging off the stage

everyone keeps talking about "michael myers" and i'm confused because they aren't talking about the actor who played austin powers

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