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📌 Interaction Rules 

  • Do not tag me in ebooks bot posts: it's spammy and I'll block you if it keeps happening.
  • Do not like/favorite anything with a "-" or "personal" cw: it feels like you're liking the fact that i feel like crap.
  • Pronouns: she/her by default, but feel free to use it/its more often, especially if I have a pooltoy icon set or I'm talking a lot about them as a mood. It's definitely a mood thing and I'll tell you if it doesn't feel right at the time, so don't worry.
  • Art: Ask me first, and only if I know you well enough. I don't want any art of me without my prior approval.
  • DO NOT RP AS ME!! The shark you see isn't really a fursona anymore, but the purest form of myself. It would be extremely gross if you did anything like this.
  • Circles: I'll be using the standard circles to tell you what kind of state I'm in, keep these in mind when replying to my posts:
    🔵 I'm doing great!
    ⚪ I'm okay, not feeling the best but not the worst
    🔴 I feel like crap and/or am actively having a breakdown
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alrighty, that time of year again

i'm back in class now so i won't be responding to many dms immediately like usual because i actually have something better to do now lol

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sierra: im an inanimate object
headmate: no you're an animate object
sierra: but I'm a literal pooltoy!!
headmate: a literal walking talking pooltoy!!

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Guess I'll make one of these too.

I'm an unemployed full time student so income is non-existent, so if you feel like sending me something, here's my cash app (no obligation to do so of course)$cdmnky

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fats; a big vaporeon 

comm for lectro of their vaporeon character after a nice filling meal! or probably more than one...

getting out of linear algebra today 'cause it's just review woohoo

oh yeah this doesn't even factor into eating, errands, grooming or other chores

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there's this figure my professors keep saying

"dedicate 3-4 hours of work outside of class for every credit hour you take" (1cr being one hour of lecture time in a week)

the minimum credits to take and be full time is 12, but 15 is needed to reasonably graduate in 4 years

the conservative end of 3 hrs would mean 45hrs outside of class + 15hrs inside of class meaning I'd have to dedicate 60 hours a week on work

on the high end it would be 75hrs

sleeping 8 hours a day 7 days a week is 56 hours

there are 168 hours in a week

that leaves you 30% of your time for R&R and by that point you're too exhausted to do anything fun

i have a feeling Pop Tarts Part 2 won't get any votes because i have never heard of any of those flavors before today

Pop Tarts (Part 2)

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Pop Tarts (Part 1)

*logs on twitter*
[tons of fake stories about elon musk dead]
*logs off twitter*

"well show me a dragon then"
*soft goodra friend walks in the room*
"dragon" *hugs*

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i could never be a dragon haha

i'm not nearly as strong and powerful and wise,,,

but sharks are cool they swimb and have neverending teeth and they're cool

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"what's your favorite animal?"
"but dragons don't exi-"
*shushes* "dragon"

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with WINGS and SCALES and big ol clawbs and powerful teefs and magic

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how the sorta evolved in different parts of the world independently all big and majestic and scaly creatures

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anyway time for lunch

shit no more sub money oh well guess i have to cook like
ramen or some shit

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