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sierra: im an inanimate object
headmate: no you're an animate object
sierra: but I'm a literal pooltoy!!
headmate: a literal walking talking pooltoy!!

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personal account meta :boost_requested:​ 

all this junk happening on the fediverse lately made me realize that i should tailor my experience a lot more, i really need to start fresh

i won't be deleting this account, i love it on vulpine club, but i WILL be clearing all my followers/following and will be more picky about who i interact with and who i let follow me

i won't just let anyone follow me anymore if they have an age in bio, i'm only gonna let people follow if i've interacted enough with them that i feel comfortable with it

SO with that in mind

momentarily, i'll be clearing out everything, i've vetted my follows a lot and i'll start with a clean slate again

feel free to send a request again, but please wait at least 30 minutes from the time of this post to make sure everything's all cleaned out but just know if we don't know each other well i probably won't accept, and i'm gonna expect a huge inundation of requests so bear with me as i go through them, and feel free to signal boost so our mutual mutuals? will see

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📌 Interaction Rules 

  • Do not tag me in ebooks bot posts: it's spammy and I'll block you if it keeps happening.
  • Do not like/favorite anything with a "-" or "personal" cw: it feels like you're liking the fact that i feel like crap.
  • Pronouns: she/her by default, but feel free to use it/its more often, especially if I have a pooltoy icon set or I'm talking a lot about them as a mood. It's definitely a mood thing and I'll tell you if it doesn't feel right at the time, so don't worry.
  • Fanart: Keep it SFW. If you wanna do NSFW fanart, drop me a DM and I'll clear it with you then if I like.
  • DO NOT RP AS ME!! The shark you see isn't really a fursona anymore, but the purest form of myself. It would be extremely gross if you did anything like this.
  • Circles: I'll be using the standard circles to tell you what kind of state I'm in, keep these in mind when replying to my posts:
    🔵 I'm doing great!
    ⚪ I'm okay, not feeling the best but not the worst
    🔴 I feel like crap and/or am actively having a breakdown
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my uni semester starts tomorrow (8/31) so i won't be really quick to respond to DMs and stuff

if you have me on discord i'll be set to red when i'm in class (if i remember to)

just a helpful reminder i'll pin for anyone who's confused as to why i'm not responding much

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Guess I'll make one of these too.

I'm an unemployed full time student so income is non-existent, so if you feel like sending me something, here's my cash app (no obligation to do so of course)$cdmnky

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thinking about how sylveon gave me tons of warm and fuzzies the moment i saw it for the first time,,,

While she still sleep I will say that Zest is a very good kobold whom I love very much

sierra??? a gay bowtie eeveelution? more likely than you think


fucking centrist dems and their “blue maga” bullshit

*yawn* good morning...

...why do i still have ribbons?!

yknow if they can make coffee then i’m fine with it

oh my god they had HRT as a clue on jeopardy tonight

Mod notice 

There's apparently an underage user jumping instances who's user tag is often ErrorTheWolf0

Be aware

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