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I'm Ark! I'm also known as Akkeresu, Arky, Cat, or Alex depending on context.

Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, a total goofball, but a powerhouse at whatever I set my mind to.

mh(~+), meditation, music 

Don't ask me how in the FUCK I meditate using a song at 280/440 BPM. I've been trying to answer that question for years, but it fucking works for me. XD

With everybody staying in because of the quarantimes, this year may be the easiest year ever for the Little Drummer Boy game.

I know a lot of postfluury is what if human but animal, but also, what if animal, but also machine, but also what if animal machine but also animal human???


... ???

alcohol, vape 

Happy Halloween y'all. Happy Samhain. Make this night yours.

Yahoo! We just got our power and INET back, so we're looking good over here in Vault 228. Just gonna kick back and enjoy the rest of the night.

Morning/afternoon after, and we're still chilling and waiting. Plenty of food, plenty of water, plenty of batteries and books to enjoy.

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General update folks, the hardest part of has passed us in Lyman, MS, and though we're without power, we have no damage to speak of, and we're just kicking back with some chill. Updates to follow as infrastructure improves.

VR, Beat Saber, flashing lights 

So! A bit of a treat, some fresh Beat Saber. Turns out that I've still got it, even after an extended break and Covid. :D

🎶: DM Ashura - deltaMAX
🗺: yun0 -

Foxcats that wake after 9AM can't be normal. All they know is coffee, jack in, twerk, play Beat Saber, get SS clear, and win. XD

food(+), Halloween. 

On the bright side, I did book myself for a fancy Halloween dinner at a steakhouse to serve as my "trick or treat" this year.

And besides, who's gonna say no to crashing into a casino dressed up like a Cheshire cat dipped in acid?

covid-adjacent (-~), VR (+) 

Boo. Can't do a safe, sane Halloween Party due to quarantine extension (partially my fault, should have kept better communications).

Good news, I realized that I've got enough mental bandwidth to set up my VR rig occasionally in my room.

I miss Beat Saber and I'm resolving this problem in the next 24 hours.

Two monks were watching a twink piss. One said to the other, “The twink is pissing.”
The other replied, “The piss is pissing.”
Huineng overheard this. He said, “Not the twink, not the piss; balls are pissing.”


Yaaaaay, just got done baking up some fathead saltines w/ Spicy Guacamole seasoning. Much better than my last batch. <3 I do need to tweak the amount of flour next time, but keeping these in the oven with the heat off for 30 minutes definitely helped crisp them up~

POV LED Staff Takes Art for a Spin

The human body does plenty of cool tricks, but one of the easiest to take advantage of is persistence of vision (POV). Our eyes continue to see light for a fraction of a second after the light goes off, and we can leve…

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