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I'm Ark! I'm also known as Akkeresu, Arky, Cat, or Alex depending on context.

Poly/pan as fuck. Complete nerd to the highest degree, furry trash, a total goofball, but a powerhouse at whatever I set my mind to.

Life is short. Make sure to stop and snort the serotonin inducing chemicals out of flowers. :blobuwu: 🌼

Recovery (+) 

Much better. Shower, big ol' comfort meal, electrolytes, water, comfy chair, comfy blanket, and some entertaining and relaxing Youtube+music while I do some night work.

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Self-reinforcement (~) 

I know I'm capable of doing this. I've got all the pieces right here. Just a matter of getting enough of them together to hold.

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Vent (--) [A lot] 

Fuck this can feel so overwhelming at times.

Woke up too early, workout felt off, extra red tape at work, too many tickets/people coming in at the same time, paranoia, extra work being loaded on top of me, expectation that I'm supposed to do everyone's fucking job for them, people rehashing the same arguments to management we've been making for the last 5 years with no progress, idiot users, my whole family is either getting sick, are equally as overwhelmed with work as I am, or are being cheated on/considering divorce, I'm stuck in this grimy, brown beach swamp with ignorant neighbors with only capitalist grind able to save me, social media is just overwhelming and only adds to the anxiety, I feel positively helpless and I burned my tongue on my broth.

Gods I'm tired.


(Context: I'm watching Avengers: Endgame)

One of my favorite scenes: an overweight man has a panic attack, gets slapped, and gets a calming reminder of what he fights for from a cartoon animal.

...oh, hi Akkeresu!

Lewd, RL, selfie, pumping 

Now THIS is how to enjoy pumping. <3

finance (+) 

LOL close enough. I've got a few bucks in my wallet. And hell, this is pre-EIP. :D

finance, health, work, [+] 

Wow. That's a lot of stuff all in one shot. Taxes came back clean, I'm officially out of debt and just have this month's bills to handle, vaccine side effects seem to be nothing more than a case of wanker's cramp, I'm still plugging along on keto and regaining my fitness, and...

Damn, y'all. It's working. We just gonna keep movin'.


Holy shit. I just realized I qualify for the vax. I literally get my first dose today. :D


Hell yea. Night work got done WAY early. Time for beer.

Aaaand foxcats can have a little bonfire. As a treat.


And after a nice long break via walking and taking care of some actual cats, HOLY SHIT Truly finally dropped Extra! The higher ABV and the new flavor should be an absolute treat. <3

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I forget how much I enjoy these "hunts" where I walk longer segments of my outings. Weather being what it is, it's tricky at times, but it provides a lot of balance for my indulgent side. Takes me back to my days of clubbing and cons. <3

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alcohol, selfie 

Okay, no more sunspots. Time for walkies.

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I feel like a moody cat moving from sunspot to sunspot. Feels nice, tho, and this place is good and empty.

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Suggestive RL Picture, null, comment towards reader 

Mmmm, today is a big lazy day. Why not nestle up against these curves?


And for whenever I get hungry today, this is waiting for me.

Balsamic Lox Salad (will add capers before consumption).

CW: partial selfie 

Oh man. It's finally here.

Weighted. Hooded. Snuggie.

And it's fuzzy fuzzy, matches my other blackout plush blanket, has the classic hoodie pocket, and a phone pocket to boot. <3 <3 <3

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