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gender stuff (+) 

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Hmmm lighting effects are weird in this program, but I’ll learn eventually

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Bowsette: A trans person who is so pleasant.

Everybody knows that the, girls want to be with the girls

but what nobody talks about is how the, girls also want to be with the enbies

For reasons I still don’t fully understand, this sent me into a hysterical gigglefit last night

selfie, eye contact 

dude, if you could just give me some headpats it'd mean a lot to me, bro

funny how old timey people used to say like

"morrow" instead of "morning"

and like "sooth" instead of "truth"

and "spirits of the forest" instead of "nonbinary people"

*Avril Lavigne voice*
they were kind of a boy, sort of a girl
can i make it any more obvious?

We Regret To Inform You That Our Database, Has Been Glomped

Gallant in the streets, Goofus in the sheets

im getting very attached to wearing my pentagram choker and fangs as much as possible lmao

re:The Loccubus ramble 

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