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@softmetals i'm a fan of this reconstruction and it makes pre-avian dinosaurs infinitely cooler tbh

what is this "gender" your kind speaks of

Drowning in Hummus is the Ideal Death

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blowing raspberries on your gfs belly is chaotic good, motorboating your gf is chaotic evil

thanks for reading my toot

Focus group coordinator: here is a photograph of a regular person. What do you think?


Focus group coordinator: now here is that same person, transformed into a werewolf. How do you feel about –

Me: *clapping, hooting, pounding the table with both fists*

My wife just called me “a real Cap’n Go Girl” and it was so cute I almost died from the gayness I feel for her

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*Naruto voice* I’m gonna be the most popular furry hyena e-girl! Believe it!!

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I’m gonna start a Tik Tok account, what should I do for my first video?

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