videogames is my favourite greek philosopher

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every morning i wake up and open palm slam a hormone into the endocrine system. it's estrogen and right then and there i start doing the moves alongside with the main character, chelsea manning

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i started a tiny page for the keyboards i'm designing! and there's a name, i'm now star*boards (or star boards if you want to be less cute)

there's even layout links so you can see them in glorious Keyboard Layout Editor

NSFW awful horrible no good shitpost 

hey howcome they call the one thing unbirthing but they don't call the other thing unpooping

if you're a plural synth system comprised of three headmates, does that make you a triple changer

ugh you're still using GCC 7? talk about cringe compilation

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theres this awesome minecraft mod called various oddities which add these adorable KOBOLDS!!!
kobolds are friendly and form pretty little societies with guards
they live in the desert and love hot rock
they place torches around their little houses and omg the best part
they also lay and guard eggs using items and its so sweet

also its developed by a really nice autistic queer person, please go check it out! :0

if you use a slang term for bird genitals is that a cloaquialism

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Faye Fadem (drummer for Thank You Scientist) came out as a trans woman holy fuck

So, I compiled a booklet of baking recipes.

It was written at the end of 2018 for someone I've since lost touch with, but I figured it'd be a shame not to share a revised version with a wider audience.

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