Selfie, no eye contact, hospital 

72 hours later and I'm still cute AND get to go home in a few hours 🥰🥰🥰


I'm doing pretty good so far?? I'm mostly bored and sleepy so people should ask me things

Selfie, eye contact, hospital 

I feel so much better today omg

covid, grs 

so yeah, covid test happened, that was SUPER unpleasant, but uh, that's it, surgery happens on wednesday unless we have the most asymptomatic cases of covid ever

your regular reminder that censoring words l*ke th*s is actively counterproductive because it bypasses the filters that people set up for themselves

to take an innocuous example, if i use filters to block the word "orange", and you write "or*nge", you have now ensured that i will see a post that i have explicitly tried to get out of my timeline

PSA: cloth and paper masks worn to help prevent spread of Coronavirus (and other diseases) do not need to form a seal to be effective.

They do two things:
a. capture most of the droplets you exhale/cough/sneeze out
b. slow down (and thus reduce the range of) any droplets not caught

If you have two layers of fabric covering your nose and mouth, you are wearing a fabric mask correctly.

If breath reflects off of them and escapes around the edges, that is just fine -- the bulk of the droplets were caught, and those few that leave around the edges are slowed a ton. Mission accomplished.

Misinformation on this point (most of which seems to be repeating proper fit and donning for PPE masks, which do need to form a seal) is leading people to not wear masks because they believe they are difficult or impossible to wear correctly.

selfie, eye contact, boost/thirst/flirt ok 

<catra>Hey, fediverse~</catra>

(I was cutting my hair and this happened)

"X is a social construct" doesn't mean X can't have a real, material impact on people's lives or cause lasting harm.

"Tigers" are a social construct, in that it's a label we've assigned to various subgroups of cats, but you won't be any less dead if you were technically mauled by a "lion" instead.

actually i really hate meetings in general that are scheduled for a x:30 because i lose x:00-x:29 just trying to not forget about the meeting in hyperfocus :|

A friend of mine, on the subject of Appa being the best part of AtLA, just said that he "carries the whole team" and i Just need y'all to bask in this one with me for a moment

mh - 

i'm so panicky right now fuck fuck fuck

upcoming grs stuff, covid 



if we test positive... it's instant cancel of surgery

and... we get tested day before, basically

oh god

upcoming grs stuff 

so, it's officially 3 weeks away but one of my coworkers just pointed out that means 1.5 weeks of work


btw I'm still absolutely going to follow up on the lewd pic request I got (and open to others) but it's a bit delayed while kids are here

weird homophobia, memories 

man, anyone remember that time one of my friends in highschool had a massive crush on me, hooked up with me on like 3 school trips, and then told his eventual cis girlfriend that he was a virgin as the reason he was so bad in bed?

i had a good laugh with her over it eventually and now he's gone full asshat

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