Hi, I would like 1x *every printed copy of the Theros basics* plz and thank, and by that I mean all of them, like. all of them.

Hormones, pointy things 

news articles are always saying stuff like "millenials are killing the unhappy marriage industry" but they never quite get to the point where they try to figure out why we had an unhappy marriage industry in the first place and how it survived so long

Oh no I just southern drawled from hearing an announcer speaking in it


I just want to hook up with people all day for the next few months and be decadent as fuck is that too much to ask

startup idea: spotify year end summary montage thing, but instead of music it's internet crushes

selfie, lewdish, eyes visible, boost++ 

re: lewd 


feelings, self harm 

I've played through like 10 different visual novels today and it's been nice I guess? They've been cute at least

Poly power move to pull at work: Instead of choosing only one partner to ever talk about, or using phrases such as "my other partner," simply refer to all of your partners as "My partner" and allow your coworkers to either figure out that you're talking about multiple people or believe you are dating one big Super Partner about whom many contradictory statements are true simultaneously

today's gender: cleaning to prepare for guests tomorrow

weight loss, doctors, alcohol, etc 

Seattle culture is stepping outside, seeing that's it's dark grey and rainy, and saying with absolute sincerity, "what a lovely day!"

“Pagliacci, even your antics couldn’t cheer me up, I’m still sad”

“Well, I hear the renowned psychiatrist Dr Medico is in town, you should look them up!”

“But Pagliacci...

i have 3 moods:
-i am in love
-i am gaeming
-i am having a breakdown

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