good prank to do: put 1000 USD in a secured envelope and then write my address on the front of it with appropriate postage and then drop it in a mail box. it'll be hilarious!

still trying to decide on if Seattle weekend is happening -- mostly on logistics of crash space and entertaining things for wife that aren't "meet a bunch of people" like I'm wanting to do 😂

Truck carrying gaming dice spills on Atlanta highway, rolls an estimated 756,000

"The truck was undamaged, having made its saving throw."

d/s shitpost 

Can't figure out why 4MB of resources just.. aren't getting cached. This is ridiculous. Everything is set correctly....

a circle of druids chants in a foggy PNW clearing. their faces are hidden beneath their cloaks. as you get closer you hear their chant: "hoodie weather; hoodie weather"

websites: if you click "keep me logged in", it will never work
ads/trackers: know exactly who you are at all times with zero effort required on your part

Truth coming out of her well to scream at own ass (Gérôme, 1896)

lewd, positive news, maybe a little too on brand 

Selfie, eye contact, boost ++ 

the worst thing about being southern in 2019 is that everyone knows what "bless your heart" means now


I spent most of one of my flights yesterday working on designing a sigil I'm going to get as a tattoo. I'm not sure when I'm going to finish it, how much detail I can include, or what.

are you a trans person who “passes?” are you *tired* of telling people what your pronouns are in social situations?

please go reconsider that stance

open sharing of pronouns is important normalisation to both our non-binary pals and for trans people just starting out! be kind!!

Witchy bullshit 

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