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fursona pics, heroforge 

Here's Rin! Heroforge doesn't have a panda base, so I had to go with bear and work with what I have, but I think she looks great!

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Hi, I'm Hope! My pronouns are she/her! I'm a 22 year old queer furry from the UK. I'm super into tabletop rpgs (I mostly play DnD 5e), pro wrestling, magic: the gathering, video games and a bunch of other things!

My fursona is a red panda called Rin. Her pronouns are also she/her. She's a bubbly and outgoing scientist/engineer, and she's featured in my profile pic.

Nice to meet you all!

nintendo direct shitpost 

Splatoon: New Vegas

trans-adjacent shitpost, surgery mention 

Why is it called bottom surgery when you of in cold the food of out hot eat the food

re: trans silliness 

On the one hand, I like this job and I don't want to potentially lose it so quickly

On the other hand it's so fucking funny send help

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trans silliness 

I started a new job recently, and obvs I'm not out as trans in that job yet. There's someone new starting tonight, on the same shift as me. Her name is Faith.

I've never wanted to come out more in my life lmao

re: motorsport, terrible ideas 

How many dipshits would take Parabolica at full speed before they stopped it lmao

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motorsport, terrible ideas 

I was chatting with a couple people the other day and we were thinking about how impossibly cool and impossibly stupid it would be to do open track days at Monza

that meme about your child 

"my child is fine" your child is getting into sea shanties

@bisexuhell across the street competition, The Dead Canary

now serving Hacken Coffee

the arcade down the way has the Pinkerton Shooting Gallery

casino What's Yours Is Mine

This was at like 11 in the morning and I did nothing productive the rest of the day

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I'm making a city and I needed a name for a tavern in a mining district.

I came up with "The Cave-Inn"

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Do you ever have one good idea and coast the rest of the day on that

Like I can find out how big cities are in terms of like. Numbers. And that's fine, but how much stuff can I put in before it's too much and what does that mean for time spent moving around it and aaaaaa designing hard

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I'm trying to design a city for an rpg campaign and I don't know how big a city is send help

dysphoria, facial hair, covid-adjacent, positive 

The best thing about wearing a mask all the time is that I don't really care about my facial hair anymore. No-one's gonna see it so who gives a shit, you know? It's great, cos I find shaving real annoying for some reason.

re: red dead redemption II 

Whenever she walks past me in camp she gloats at me about winning I'm so mad lmao

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re: red dead redemption II 

Mary-Beth nearly did a clean sweep on me (she got 57 points before I got any)

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red dead redemption II 

I bought rdr 2 because I've wanted to play it for a while, and I don't remember dominoes being this good lmao

re: magic: the gathering arena 

Update: I went 0-3 lmao

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magic: the gathering arena 

Who needs to draft well when I can just draft Niv-Mizzet Reborn, Field of the Dead and then every two colour card and land that comes my way?

food shitpost 

Shreddies are called that because if you listen really closely, you can hear them playing electric guitar

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