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The obligate bottom requires proteins that are only available in cum.

I got a new icon from Thornwolf and I'm so tempted to use it on LinkedIn.

Hey friends, just so you know: I love you. ♥️

I got a new phone and I have to teach the keyboard how to be furry trash.

As a heavy user of VRChat, watching Facebook and Microsoft jumping on the metaverse bandwagon makes me feel like a denizen of IRC watching the rise of Slack.

None of what they're doing is new. This is already my life. Their version is just more approachable to the masses.

I would like to approach my work with the same joy that has when writing ad copy for

I recently watched The Mummy with and so I knew what I had to be for Halloween.

Art by @/Koul_Fardreamer

I'm not sub-tweeting anyone here and I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I'm trying to work out my feelings and understand why I always seem to get into this funk when I'm at a convention. Usually, it seems, on Saturday.

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I want to get swept up in the fun. I want to have an unexpected adventure. I can't help thinking that I'm not fun enough to be included. Just a shy and awkward fox.

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I might have to stop going to cons to take photos. As much as I love helping friends remember the fun and appreciate how cute they are it is so hard to stand around and just watch people walk by. Waiting for someone and then only seeing them for a few seconds.

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Party dog has a secret snuggly side.

Artwork by @/SepiaPaws.

I didn't miss the part where I'm at a convention and feel disconnected from everybody around me.

My boyfriend starts groping me while I'm wearing my underwear:

Me: You like feeling my soft bulge?
Him: Yeah~
Me, whispering: LTT store dot com.

I have added underwear, which somehow makes this more lewd then when I was naked.

I'm starting to get really anxious about my friends who are going to Megaplex this weekend.

We've reached "why am I still awake" o'clock.

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