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We've reached "why am I still awake" o'clock.

Now that I've gotten one piece of taur art for my character I suddenly find myself disappointed when I read an artist's ToS and discover that they won't draw taurs.

Every time I see a full moon I'm going to think of

My job is becoming mostly about communicating technical ideas and this used to be something I enjoyed but now I'm starting to find it exhausting.

I'm living the cyberpunk dream here. I just downloaded a new dick and am trying to remember how I installed my original one.

VRChat has been a fantastic way to meet people and I'm honestly glad the pandemic lockdown got me to try it out.

The problem is that now I have friends all over that I'm very frustrated I can't hug.

I see all these people getting their COVID-19 vaccines and it makes me feel guilty for not trying harder to get an appointment.

I hate making rice outside a rice cooker because if you fuck it up dinner is late and you might have to just start all over.

Don't @ me your rice cooking tips.

Just work up from my first stress dream. Why does my brain always assume that I could somehow /forget/ to plan an art show until the first day of the con?

I need to make a edit of my reference sheet because I get nervous sending artists something with even casual nudity when they ask for SFW.

That feeling when you see the porn one of your coworkers commissioned.

I hope the recent rise is enough for friends who got in late and are still holding $GME to get out.

If you tell someone who calls that you only have 5 minutes is it rude to hang up after 5 minutes?

To be clear, I have no problem with consenting adults doing adult things in adult spaces, but I reserve the right to point and giggle at you.

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I may have had one of my favorite moments in VRChat last night when I heard some adult shenanigans happening over on the other side of the room, pointed and used my novice-level ASL fingerspelling to sign "LEWD" to the Deaf person I'd been talking to.

Getting my VRChat avatar imported into LIV so I can shake my tail in Beat Saber feels a bit vain but whatever, I look cute. 歹

If I ever buy a house I'm gonna rip open the walls and install CAT6 and OM3 runs to every room.

Anybody who gets a 1099-INT in addition to a W-2 should understand the inequity that comes from accumulating wealth. That form lists the money you made this year simply because you had money last year.

What I wouldn't give for Seven of Nine to tell me to comply. >.>

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