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I may have had one of my favorite moments in VRChat last night when I heard some adult shenanigans happening over on the other side of the room, pointed and used my novice-level ASL fingerspelling to sign "LEWD" to the Deaf person I'd been talking to.

Getting my VRChat avatar imported into LIV so I can shake my tail in Beat Saber feels a bit vain but whatever, I look cute. 歹

If I ever buy a house I'm gonna rip open the walls and install CAT6 and OM3 runs to every room.

Anybody who gets a 1099-INT in addition to a W-2 should understand the inequity that comes from accumulating wealth. That form lists the money you made this year simply because you had money last year.

What I wouldn't give for Seven of Nine to tell me to comply. >.>

Socialist furries seize the beans of production.

It is amazing that life exists at all. That we grow and die aware of ourselves and the world around us.

I don't know what comes next but this world itself is such an improbable miracle I cannot say for sure and so I might as well believe that this is but one step in our journey.

Every time I think I know what I want to say I start to cry.

I will miss you You were so kind. I will try not to regret the time we've lost but cherish the time we had.

Please pet Moses for me.

I wish had a 3rd person mode when playing on desktop.

Guardians of the Galaxy starring Jack Black would've been an amazing movie.

I'm waiting for my "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I'm completely naked" dreams to turn into "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I don't have a mask."

I can't get over how cool it is to look in a (virtual) mirror and see this cute face.

The cat and I have been playing a game where he tries to pee outside his litter box and I scoop him up at the last minute and drop him into it.

Thank you furries for making the last few days less terrible with all your horny energy towards Fivey.

I passed a milestone tonight. 100 hours on VRChat. :P

I just saw this ad and thought it was for a butt plug.


It is entirely on-brand that I just woke up from a stress dream about trying to figure out how to dial an international number.

Fiery Nachos Doritos are like crack for me.

Shut the fuck up I'm not going to give you any more god-damned fucking money.

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