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Guardians of the Galaxy starring Jack Black would've been an amazing movie.

I'm waiting for my "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I'm completely naked" dreams to turn into "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I don't have a mask."

I can't get over how cool it is to look in a (virtual) mirror and see this cute face.

The cat and I have been playing a game where he tries to pee outside his litter box and I scoop him up at the last minute and drop him into it.

Thank you furries for making the last few days less terrible with all your horny energy towards Fivey.

I passed a milestone tonight. 100 hours on VRChat. :P

I just saw this ad and thought it was for a butt plug.


It is entirely on-brand that I just woke up from a stress dream about trying to figure out how to dial an international number.

Fiery Nachos Doritos are like crack for me.

Shut the fuck up I'm not going to give you any more god-damned fucking money.

Forget the question I was going to ask. Please Google, tell me more.

Human problems are a lot these days. I wish I could just be a fox and frolic with

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I'm not furry trash. I'm supporting the arts.

Twitter shrunk the image and oh no what a Moir矇 effect because of the fabric. Trust me, it looks fantastic in person.

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A lovely mouse pad featuring my little squeak

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Half the people I know named "Jeff" are furries which is good because they've all picked names for their fursonas that aren't "Jeff".

I feel a strange compulsion to commission art of my character in that sweater and underwear combo that's been going around.

I worry that my coworkers will figure out that if my camera is off it means I'm naked.

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