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Twitter shrunk the image and oh no what a MoirΓ© effect because of the fabric. Trust me, it looks fantastic in person.

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A lovely mouse pad featuring my little squeak

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Half the people I know named "Jeff" are furries which is good because they've all picked names for their fursonas that aren't "Jeff".

I feel a strange compulsion to commission art of my character in that sweater and underwear combo that's been going around.

I worry that my coworkers will figure out that if my camera is off it means I'm naked.

I love the idea of very serious gamers, with their gaming chairs and gaming headsets, playing Untitled Goose Game and yelling at each other about picking up the basket.

Up late reading about V.90/V.92 modems because I never learned how this shit worked when this was the only way I could connect to the Internet and now there's Wikipedia.

Which would you rather be?

furry nsfw 

Lovely YCH of myself and @Cellivar.


No more VRChat or any other video games for me for a while. My motherboard let out the magic smoke and now I have to play the RMA waiting game.

I'm totally shipping and There's definitely a bromance going on here.

These chompers stand for universal health care, universal basic income and a free college education.

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Somebody needs to send a full set of graphite pencils to demonstrate all the possible grades.

Letting my pride flag fly.

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I've spent almost every evening this past week in VRChat. It feels like when I used to stay out late at furmeets.

Furries have been around for longer than the confederacy.

Where are our statues?

I have an instruction set fetish. It is going to take a lot of self-control not to buy a new Mac just so I can get an ARM PC. I've already been ever so tempted by the Surface Pro X.

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