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To me the whole value proposition of platforms like Patreon is that they can spread the credit card transaction fees across a bunch of micropayments if they are all processed at the same time.

It's really unclear if their fee structure is actually passing this savings on.

How is everyone baking? Safeway has been out of flour for weeks.

I am challenging everyone to post a photo you've taken from a place you've been. The only thing is that you NOT appear in it. Just a pic, no description. Let's flood profiles with landscapes to ease this isolation. Copy this, post a photo & let's travel virtually around the world

I scroll through Telegram thinking I should say hello to somebody but I don't know what to talk about (other than the pandemic) so I just close the app.

Sorry friends. :(

Rather than getting Animal Crossing: New Hampshire I've been playing Stardew Valley with the furry mod.

I don't exactly mix up Ru Paul and Rand Paul, but it definitely takes me a minute to remember which is which.

Now that toilet paper is in short supply I've found an alternative.

Just saw Sonic the Hedgehog and I needed to go home and actually play a Sonic game because honest to God that was the first thing in the Sonic media franchise I've ever consumed.

The FC art show has a great showing this year!

Come see it before it closes today at 7pm! Buy awesome furry art!

Marriott Salon IV

Something I love about everybody's sticker packs is that y'all are both absolutely adorable and really thirsty.

I'm a little disappointed they didn't go with "Herpcon" to go along with "Hempcon".

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I love that I live in a world where this billboard is valid:

FEB 8 - 9

One of the things I love about's books is that the relationships don't just have the big flashy dramas but also the little dramas, the ones that just play out in your head when you aren't at your most confident. It makes the characters feel so relatable.

I'm looking for some volunteers to help with the Art Show. Simple roles like handling bags at the door and checking ID at the entrance to the adult section.

Please DM if interested.

2010 to now has been essentially my entire adult life. Moved to a new state. Made new friends. Became part of the furry fandom. Accepted my sexuality. Lost my virginity. Held 2 amazing jobs. Found 2 amazing partners. Explored the world. Laughed. Cried.

Here's to the next 10 yrs.

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