Shut the fuck up I'm not going to give you any more god-damned fucking money.

Forget the question I was going to ask. Please Google, tell me more.

Human problems are a lot these days. I wish I could just be a fox and frolic with

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I'm not furry trash. I'm supporting the arts.

Twitter shrunk the image and oh no what a Moir矇 effect because of the fabric. Trust me, it looks fantastic in person.

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A lovely mouse pad featuring my little squeak

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Half the people I know named "Jeff" are furries which is good because they've all picked names for their fursonas that aren't "Jeff".

I feel a strange compulsion to commission art of my character in that sweater and underwear combo that's been going around.

I worry that my coworkers will figure out that if my camera is off it means I'm naked.

I love the idea of very serious gamers, with their gaming chairs and gaming headsets, playing Untitled Goose Game and yelling at each other about picking up the basket.

@weykent I've mostly logged off from Twitter but still occasionally post to it indirectly from here. It's been nice to get a break from being angry all the time.

Up late reading about V.90/V.92 modems because I never learned how this shit worked when this was the only way I could connect to the Internet and now there's Wikipedia.

Which would you rather be?

furry nsfw 

Lovely YCH of myself and @Cellivar.

No more VRChat or any other video games for me for a while. My motherboard let out the magic smoke and now I have to play the RMA waiting game.

I'm totally shipping and There's definitely a bromance going on here.

These chompers stand for universal health care, universal basic income and a free college education.

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