I appreciate the honesty in @BiggestLittleFC@twitter.com's mask policy. Asking volunteers to do what the venue won't and knowing that it will create conflict with attendees would be a difficult decision.

Hopefully they don't have to change it last minute.

Ran into @Blep_Fox@twitter.com at .

They should DM me on Telegram for the rest of them.

I got a new icon from Thornwolf and I'm so tempted to use it on LinkedIn.

I recently watched The Mummy with @ZachGregoire@twitter.com and so I knew what I had to be for Halloween.

Art by @/Koul_Fardreamer

Party dog @CJ_theHusky@twitter.com has a secret snuggly side.

Artwork by @/SepiaPaws.

I have added underwear, which somehow makes this more lewd then when I was naked.

I can't get over how cool it is to look in a (virtual) mirror and see this cute face.

I just saw this ad and thought it was for a butt plug.

CC @qDot@twitter.com

Forget the question I was going to ask. Please Google, tell me more.

Human problems are a lot these days. I wish I could just be a fox and frolic with @RaytingTW@twitter.com.

Artwork by @Spainimation@twitter.com.

A lovely mouse pad featuring my little squeak @cellivar@twitter.com.

Artwork by @SepiaPaws@twitter.com.

furry nsfw 

Lovely YCH of myself and @Cellivar.

🎨 @glisteningfangs@twitter.com

Letting my pride flag fly.

Animation by @vulpesvant@twitter.com.

I am challenging everyone to post a photo you've taken from a place you've been. The only thing is that you NOT appear in it. Just a pic, no description. Let's flood profiles with landscapes to ease this isolation. Copy this, post a photo & let's travel virtually around the world

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