I didn't miss the part where I'm at a convention and feel disconnected from everybody around me.

I might have to stop going to cons to take photos. As much as I love helping friends remember the fun and appreciate how cute they are it is so hard to stand around and just watch people walk by. Waiting for someone and then only seeing them for a few seconds.

I want to get swept up in the fun. I want to have an unexpected adventure. I can't help thinking that I'm not fun enough to be included. Just a shy and awkward fox.


I'm not sub-tweeting anyone here and I don't want people to feel sorry for me. I'm trying to work out my feelings and understand why I always seem to get into this funk when I'm at a convention. Usually, it seems, on Saturday.

@binary I sometimes get the same feeling, and yeah, often on Saturday night. I think as a natural introvert the first day or so of a con depletes my reserves and then I feel guilty that I'm not being more social and that I've somehow "wasted" the con. I wind up feeling a lot better about the whole experience in retrospect, usually.

alcohol/drug use, mental health 

@binary I actually get the vague feeling that there's some sort of neurotransmitter depletion thing going on, (at least in my case?) The feeling seems exacerbated by previous alcohol/drug use, and/or sleep cycle disruption.

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