I just finished "Ty Game" and while by the end of Part 2 I was pretty pissed at the main character by the end I'm wagging. Thanks @kyellgold.

I would fit on planes so much better if I were a fox but then I'd have to deal with all the people freaking out about the being a fox on a plane.

Also, I doubt they'd let me into other countries without massive amounts of paperwork.

Happy Foxing Day everyone! Be foxy, or just be good to the foxes in your life. 🦊

Waiting for Christmas dinner at Wingstop. Sadly KFC isn't open today so we couldn't follow the Japanese tradition properly.

Hope everyone is having a lovely holiday with friends or family, even if they're far away ❀

Adorable fox is @metric_fox@twitter.com
πŸ“· : @binary

I should probably debug why I was only able to attach that image to a toot from a desktop browser but it's 2:39am on Christmas and I should be asleep.

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2018 was apparently the year for horny on main. Will 2019 be the year for furry on main?

I finished "Girl on Fire" in a single sitting while on a long-haul flight so now I'm on to "Some Things Transcend" by M.C.A. Hogarth, the 2nd book in her "Princes' Game" series.

My favorite xenotherapists are back. If you're just getting into the Peltedverse novels I recommend reading the entire Dreamhealers saga first or else there will be spoilers for "Family." It's also a good break after the intensity of "Even the Wingless."


Watching love watching artists stream because there are always those moments when you don't see what's going on with lines or shading or layers and then suddenly it pops into focus and it's amazing.

I am currently reading "Girl on Fire" by M.C.A. Hogarth, a standalone novel telling the story of Sediryl, a character first appearing in "Family" from the Dreamhealer's series. I am certain hers will spawn its own series in time.

As I was warned, this novel was dark and violent but there was still so much of the beauty I've come to expect from her writing. I recommend it and look forward to continuing the series.

I am currently reading "Even the Wingless" by M.C.A. Hogarth, the 1st book in her "Princes' Game" series.


I'm going on a trip soon so I just picked up two more M.C.A. Hogarth novels to keep my occupied once I finish this one. Plus I still have "Tales of the Firebirds" by @kyellgold in my queue for when I want a break from the Peltedverse.

I am currently reading "Either Side of the Strand" by M.C.A. Hogarth, the 5th book in her Stardancer series.


finally got around to converting the data file from complex Q11 to complex float

it sounds and looks pretty good! i think i want to demodulate alllll the signals and then fuck around with aligning them, because i bet that would sound fucked up

attached image is 60 seconds long (t=0 at bottom, t=60 at top) and 22 MHz wide, centered at 98.0 MHz

the little triple-bursts there are the EAS start-of-message packets

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