The FC art show has a great showing this year!

Come see it before it closes today at 7pm! Buy awesome furry art!

Marriott Salon IV

Something I love about everybody's sticker packs is that y'all are both absolutely adorable and really thirsty.

I'm a little disappointed they didn't go with "Herpcon" to go along with "Hempcon".

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I love that I live in a world where this billboard is valid:

FEB 8 - 9

One of the things I love about's books is that the relationships don't just have the big flashy dramas but also the little dramas, the ones that just play out in your head when you aren't at your most confident. It makes the characters feel so relatable.

I'm looking for some volunteers to help with the Art Show. Simple roles like handling bags at the door and checking ID at the entrance to the adult section.

Please DM if interested.

2010 to now has been essentially my entire adult life. Moved to a new state. Made new friends. Became part of the furry fandom. Accepted my sexuality. Lost my virginity. Held 2 amazing jobs. Found 2 amazing partners. Explored the world. Laughed. Cried.

Here's to the next 10 yrs.

I am always amused by the ads that Twitter tries to show me (before I mute them). Right now it seems to think I live in New York City. This is odd because normally I only get local tweets like that when I'm traveling.

Do you like seeing the Art Show at a convention? Well, it takes people to run the show. Kind volunteers help artists set up their panels, to check your bag as you go in, to tally up the bids at the end, to take your money and give you your art.


The #1 rule of fucking in public is to not get caught. That means don't post the video on fucking Twitter.

nsfw furry 

Holidays are weird because on the one paw I tend to rebel against tradition but on the other there's something comforting about decorating the house in a festive way and spending time with loved ones.

Inspired by I baked a bunch of cookies for Christmas.

It is nearly 2020. Why do we keep having to explain this?


Love this "teensy" commission I got from Riley. Such a little fox. So much tail.

Is anyone else having problems with the web UI always showing new notifications?

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