Gotta love the furry definition of "safe for work".

Is it just me or does it feel like whenever a classical artist talked about their "muse" it was code for "woman I was horny for"?

Telling another furry your legal name feels like revealing your True Name and that it will give them power over you.

I have played so much Fursuit Simulator this weekend.

I'm disappointed in every NSFW Patreon that doesn't call their lowest tier "just the tip".

I look at a NEMA 5-15 receptacle and just think "if I plug something into this it's probably going to fall out."

In contrast a BS 1363 or CEE 7/3 receptacle makes such a more satisfying connection.

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After roaming around the EU and UK I've decided that the plugs we have here in the US are strictly inferior.

I just donated directly to an abortion fund because they actually benefit people. If want any of my money they need to do something first.

Browsing through I realized, "it's really nice being on a social network where nobody can post."

Amateur radio friends at , I'll be monitoring 446.1 MHz PL 100 Hz during the con.

I'm quitting all social media except for /r/cats.

I appreciate the honesty in's mask policy. Asking volunteers to do what the venue won't and knowing that it will create conflict with attendees would be a difficult decision.

Hopefully they don't have to change it last minute.

What sex positivity in the furry fandom means to me: Messaging your friends congratulations when you see porn of their characters show up on Reddit.

As the Christians co-opted Yule into a celebration of Jesus's birth, furries have co-opted Easter into a celebration of bunnies and oviposition. Traditions change over time. Which shall history remember?

Ran into at .

They should DM me on Telegram for the rest of them.

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