I hope the recent rise is enough for friends who got in late and are still holding $GME to get out.

If you tell someone who calls that you only have 5 minutes is it rude to hang up after 5 minutes?

To be clear, I have no problem with consenting adults doing adult things in adult spaces, but I reserve the right to point and giggle at you.

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I may have had one of my favorite moments in VRChat last night when I heard some adult shenanigans happening over on the other side of the room, pointed and used my novice-level ASL fingerspelling to sign "LEWD" to the Deaf person I'd been talking to.

Getting my VRChat avatar imported into LIV so I can shake my tail in Beat Saber feels a bit vain but whatever, I look cute. 歹


If I ever buy a house I'm gonna rip open the walls and install CAT6 and OM3 runs to every room.

Anybody who gets a 1099-INT in addition to a W-2 should understand the inequity that comes from accumulating wealth. That form lists the money you made this year simply because you had money last year.

What I wouldn't give for Seven of Nine to tell me to comply. >.>

Socialist furries seize the beans of production.

It is amazing that life exists at all. That we grow and die aware of ourselves and the world around us.

I don't know what comes next but this world itself is such an improbable miracle I cannot say for sure and so I might as well believe that this is but one step in our journey.

Every time I think I know what I want to say I start to cry.

I will miss you @MorWolf@twitter.com. You were so kind. I will try not to regret the time we've lost but cherish the time we had.

Please pet Moses for me.

I wish @VRChat@twitter.com had a 3rd person mode when playing on desktop.

Guardians of the Galaxy starring Jack Black would've been an amazing movie.

I'm waiting for my "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I'm completely naked" dreams to turn into "oh no, I can't go into that restaurant, I don't have a mask."

I can't get over how cool it is to look in a (virtual) mirror and see this cute face.

The cat and I have been playing a game where he tries to pee outside his litter box and I scoop him up at the last minute and drop him into it.

Thank you furries for making the last few days less terrible with all your horny energy towards Fivey.

I passed a milestone tonight. 100 hours on VRChat. :P

I just saw this ad and thought it was for a butt plug.

CC @qDot@twitter.com

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