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T-Mobile Root CA, Side tangent included 

Although I'm sure they are aware of it, T-Mobile's Root CA that is preloaded and trusted on every device is due to expire in roughly 2 months.

As a side note, I wish the trusted authorities were... oh I don't know.. Actually authorities I personally trusted?

Like yeah it's a pain in the ass but having a bunch of CA's I've never approved of being able to sign a fake cert that would be automatically trusted just doesn't sit right with me anymore.

The chicken and the egg is an eggs-istential dilemma

@natsumisummer Awr no, was just passing through really, on the way to Atlantic City

I like getting gas in New Jersey. I get to feel pampered. Yesterday was extra special. The attendant filled my tank and then sent me off with "enjoy your computation and your mission on earth, young man"

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Sometimes we dragons set things we love on fire. Sometimes we set things we dislike on fire. Sometimes we just set things on fire.

We like fire, okay? It's not our fault your mortal possessions are so flammable.

mental health stuff 

@ziphi I dunno, you don't have that effect on me. I still follow you and am happy to know you

RIP LA Times has blocked browsers that reject their cookies. Their loss!

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Ranting about the concept of politics 

@ziphi people need to realize that you can have drama-free discussions about politics without everyone becoming hot-headed. I help run a chat with 300+ members where we have political discussions every few days, mixed in with other topics. As with any topic, mods need to step in if it gets out of control and change the subject

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Dragons have no use for money.

But it's very pretty. So like... give it to us anyway.

nsfw furry art 

@assonix everything is better with knots!

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politics meta and general discourse 

"If you didn't do anything wrong, then there's nothing to worry about" is a terrible position to take, because it mistakes fear and ignorance for guilt and maliciousness. It also allows for authoritarian abuse of power.

Not calling out any particular ideology here - this is just a common thing I see among people, and it annoys the heck out of me.

When I was a kid, I used to ask people what grade they were in. Age wasn't a concept to me, but the 3rd graders were old. I used to ask college kids what grade they were in. They had to think a bit and finally said 16th grade. I was like woah and looked at them like they were Gandolf

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In the future, people won't play video games. They'll watch AI's playing them on Twitch competitively and will participate by buying boosters to help their favorite AI

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