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re: subtoot 


Check out that little hair curl on my forehead tho

Post-shower selfie, no eye contact 

there's a very good robot dog in the newest cgp grey video :blobuwu:

tetris brag 



re: milo murphy's law s2e1 spoilers 

re: milo murphy's law s2e1 spoilers, caps 

New custom emoji:
:girlpower:​ girlpower
:girlpower_white:​ girlpower_white
:girlpower_black:​ girlpower_black
Thanks to @backwardsflow for commissioning them!

:heart_trans:​, :transistor:

re: milo murphy's law s2e1 spoiler i guess, i wouldn't have believed it if i didn't just watch it 

milo murphy's law s2 

re: Lucy got a birthday present early 

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