Fedi, help me out here. I'm a trans woman making synthpop for an audience of maybe ten people. Anyone know of any cool trans or lgbtq-focused netlabels or promotion/distribution groups that should be on my radar?
(boost please!)

@backwardsflow You ask for labels implying you are after some income, but you also said promotion. and tilderadio are always looking for dj's and have open times.

@backwardsflow You could just stream your own stuff. You don't even have to talk or have dj equipment.
@snowdusk_ knows all about it and can help you get started on

@backwardsflow I think 4Lung had a thing promoting other trans girls music

@backwardsflow @kara Neighbor Lucille, the DIY answer is to "build your audience". Use that as your search term and read a lot. It takes work. It takes learning about people. Loads of good material in free ebooks. And Learn about you. What is important to you that you write music about it? We can talk if that might help. Blessed be!

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