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I never really posted a cw request, so here goes: Show more

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btw friends, my synthpop ep is finally on spotify and all those other online retailers! please give it a listen and consider buying a copy! <3

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no for real, when i get sad and i don't have energy i walk like i'm a neural net trying to figure out how to walk on its own

catch me stumbling around campus like i'm fuckin sumotori dreams

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i feel like i know a lot of trans folks who are very enthusiastic about public transport and especially trains... which i totally get bc trains are awesome, but where's my trans folks who are very enthusiastic about the mail service? that's what gets me goin tbh

happy 4/13, i would not exist without homestuck and that's not an exaggeration

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i really need to stop spending money, but also i just realized i could commission dzuk to make the one emojo that i desperately want to have..........

i just made a really sweet little synbass riff, but i destroyed it in frustration after trying to quantize it >.<

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survey for alterhumans, otherkin, therians, fictionkin, etc (923 characters) Show more

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