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interaction guide! 

Please read this User's Manual for important information regarding the operation of your Lucille.EXE digital assistant.

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my own singing, audio only 

here's a real quick and messy two-part version of Light of a Clear Blue Morning. i cut out the last verse and chorus and combined a bit of the soprano 2 part with the alto part, but i'm done tinkering with it.
this song is really important to me. my a capella group performed it recently. i turn to this song when i need peace and healing. hope you like it!

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tetris primetime 

i intentionally played kinda fast and loose this round. i need to re-learn ST stacking i think
americas east: 111
global: 168

You know I've got the autism bc I've memorized the number of toothpicks from that one scene in Rain Man

i will now pass on my arcane knowledge to you: you only have to watch one color
i started watching my right-hand notes and visualizing the path my arm needs to take to hit them, and at the same time i started ignoring my left hand altogether. and i just passed three expert+ songs i thought i'd never beat

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i just leveled the fuck up in beat saber
i unlocked the secret ability lying dormant within me

tetris primetime 

thought i was doing better than this... 136 americas east, 201 global

20XX spoilers 

I love that you play as a series of robots who get destroyed every time they fail
And the villains of the story are the scientists who put you through that

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I wish I was smart enough to do like, film score analysis :/
I wanna know what exactly is going on in the Sense8 soundtrack

me last night: oh shit, how did i stay up so late, what happened
me tonight: haha, mania time

quinn be like: *starts every sentence with "i mean,"

good news everyone: dangerous driving plays just as well with my mania as burnout 3 did

jesus, mind control delete is out now too
i have a hell of a lot of games to play

(not that i played as her, the zero stand-in is available from the start so i played my first run as him. zero all the way)

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oh wow, 20XX owns
i don't like mmx at all, but this one's a girl

not my best run. pretty clean in the first few rounds but i got messy in the last two. 122 in americas east, 197 global

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