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I never really posted a cw request, so here goes: Show more

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btw friends, my synthpop ep is finally on spotify and all those other online retailers! please give it a listen and consider buying a copy! <3

This is a post about my daughter, chihiro fujisaki

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Unnecessarily hostile take on tetris fans Show more

Unnecessarily hostile take on tetris fans Show more

What’s your soundsona? Mine’s the crescendo before the last part of the dial up noise

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the problem here isn't really the fact that i have to keep relaunching minecraft, it's mostly that i am so bored waiting for it to launch after a crash... need attention! beep beep beep beep!

False alarm I guess! The weather is too bad to get to the conference :blobcatsadreach:

I think if I were to design a perfect stim/sleep device for me, it would be a little pod I could get in that would rumble and bump like a car on a highway :blobcatmelt:

Good morning masto! I'm heading to a student lgbtq+ conference for the weekend! Gonna be as gay as possible for the next three days!

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This is a joke btw. Despite how my relationships are set up, I'm still not super comfortable calling myself polyamorous. And only one of them is my actual girlfriend

Y'know, I was talking with some of my girlfriends today and I think I might be polyamorous?

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Everyone is saying they leave the CWs open???
I prefer to leave things as I found them, thank you

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