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interaction guide! 

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my own singing, audio only 

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btw friends, my synthpop ep is finally on spotify and all those other online retailers! please give it a listen and consider buying a copy! <3

Taking university transit is worth it for the healing experience of boarding a bus with no men on it

I used to be a boy,
now I'm a girl (or something)

Other people were always A,
then realized they weren't B

Different people thought they were C,
and learned they were D over time

There's more than one way to trans

oh hey it's august 18th. that means it's been a whole year since i released digital narcissist. celebrate with me by streaming the album wherever you like to do so

this artist is an absolute enigma nearly lost to time, it's kinda giving me longmont potion castle vibes

with the vocal effects on the track, i thought the song was being sung by a robot, but the artist's genius page says "[BNNY RBBT is] An animal singer who produced his works in, arguably, the 1990s. There are very few songs that have been discovered by them."

i'm amused that spotify knows me so well that it recommended me a song called "if i were human"

this is a good picture because the purple in my hair matches the purple under my eyes

Flower crown selfie, eye contact, :boost_ok: 

Ehehehe, the purple in my hair matches the purple under my eyes

i am deep in a comfortable well of nostalgia right now
if you need me, i'll be watching videos of super mario galaxy

lucy, staring off into space and mumbling to herself 

paperflip and jellotime both got archived by flashpoint!

i'm legitimately tearing up a little over

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