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interaction guide! 

Please read this User's Manual for important information regarding the operation of your Lucille.EXE digital assistant.

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my own singing, audio only 

here's a real quick and messy two-part version of Light of a Clear Blue Morning. i cut out the last verse and chorus and combined a bit of the soprano 2 part with the alto part, but i'm done tinkering with it.
this song is really important to me. my a capella group performed it recently. i turn to this song when i need peace and healing. hope you like it!

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alright, who do i know here that's going to MFF? this is my first time at... really any big con, so i wanna meet some folks if i can

First and foremost, follow me on bird
Second, follow me around in person at MFF this year

Follow me on Twitter dot com for fresh final fantasy fourteen content

i am genuinely so sick of captchas at this point

what in the goddamn
they changed something about the spin point of the i piece in tetrio and now it's literally unplayable

now listening to an album of songs from a furry record label that's secretly all one musician under many pseudonyms
...remixed by different pseudonyms of still the same musician

ffxiv, caps 


One of these is from the same year as Civilization IV, the other is from the same year as Skyrim.

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FATE: The Cursed King was published by WildTangent in 2011, the fourth in the FATE series which started back in 2005.
If I put the original FATE and The Cursed King side by side, you would have no idea there was six years between them, as they look, sound, and play the exact same.

this infographic is out of date bc microsoft is now matching epic's 12% for pc games

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i actively avoid buying games on steam anymore
my money is going to humble store and epic store and itchio, with maybe a microsoft store purchase here or there to spice things up

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i fuckin hate steam at this point
the only truly great thing about it is steaminput

i want to move ffxiv to my internal ssd instead of my external hard drive, but i don't wanna fuck up my installation >.<

i'm trying out the other big game by the genshin impact people
it's a character action game called honkai impact 3rd and the gameplay is tight as fuck
i just wish it didn't feature a cast of exclusively hypersexualized high schoolers


I saw a tiktok refer to white penises as "6-inch pink strawberry cock" and now I kinda don't want to describe mine any other way


I'm getting so close to the end of heavensward..!

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