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interaction guide! 

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my own singing, audio only 

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btw friends, my synthpop ep is finally on spotify and all those other online retailers! please give it a listen and consider buying a copy! <3

bahahahahah, i just realized i've been using my laptop since the summer and i never actually installed chrome


re: rhythm game talk 

re: rhythm game talk 

re: rhythm game talk 

rhythm game talk 

i wanna play amplitude ps4 again, but my roommate deleted it from her ps4 over summer break and it's not worth redownloading just to play the four songs i liked from it

feels like a lot of the popular rhythm games at the moment are vr exclusive, which is cool and all and it's fun to watch the field develop but like..... who actually has a vr rig lmao

what i'm really looking for in a streaming platform right now is the full lemon demon discography

i will give youtube music this: i can use it to listen to the correct version of stronger by clean bandit, which they scrubbed from all the streaming platforms

Against all odds, several artists I love on Spotify are nowhere to be found on YouTube Music

re: navel-gazing 

re: navel-gazing, veering into narcissism 

re: navel-gazing, veering into narcissism 


i really miss feeling like a part of a larger trans community tbh

Gosh, $25 actually >.<
Which is worse... Spending $25 for the privilege of covering the skin in stickers? Or seeing the fuckin razer logo every time I close my laptop?

I bought a super cute trans symbol sticker in KC, but I can't put it on my laptop until I drop $20 on a skin... Don't want to put it directly on y'know?


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