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the common term for aromantic asexuals is just a compliment on ones archery skills

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me meta 

If you're comfortable doing so, please call me out on bad shit I do. Whether it be directly, via subtoot, or via a mutual friend whatever you feel comfortable with.

I promise I wont be an asshole about it, but I understand if you arent comfortable doing it anyways, shits scary.

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dysphoria, GRS, reassuring myself 

As much as it sucks now, it wont be forever. One day, you'll have made it. You'll have had GRS, you wont have to deal with this hell anymore. You'll have the vagina you were meant to have from the start.
It wont be easy, theres a lot of work involved, but you can do it. I know you can. Stay strong. :trans_heart:

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things that are queermisia
1) capitalism
2) distance
3) TF isnt real

game idea 

y’know, darkness is often considered the absence of light, but what if it was the other way around? what if the world was bathed in blinding light such that you can only see things by introducing shadow?

imagine revealing the way forward by popping open umbrellas, activating machines, growing trees, the introduction of shade bringing the world into focus. the main character could even have a boomeranging shield that briefly shades the ground below it, revealing what’s ahead

FUN FACT arabic used to be what english is today. everyone who wanted to learn mathematics and science learned arabic. until the brits came along and decided we weren't allowed to have our own scientific discoveries i guess.

Real photo of my true form 


[photo of a giraffe standing in some grass in front of a rainbow]

dysphoria, neagtive mental health, suicide mention 

I still feel like shit and wish i was cis, but at least I dont really wanna die right now, so thats somethingi guess

negative mental health 

I wish my brain worked

re: suicide, death, internalised transmisia, dysphoria 

i just want to die

is that too much to ask?

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suicide, death, internalised transmisia, dysphoria 

maybe i should try that out right now

stop the pain

let go

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death, internalised transmisia, dysphoria 

maybe next go around at life I might be a normal girl

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internalised transmisia, dysphoria 

I hate being trans so fucking much, i hate it i hate it i hate it

why cant i just be a normal girl???

negative mental health 

I need a break from life

its too much for me right now


I wish I was cis

being trans causes me so many problems, most of which can never be fixed


I wish I had a vagina 😔

re: grammys posting 

its because the tracklist was all just fucking pop songs and not at all a musical score

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grammys posting 

the greatest showman won a grammy

i hate this

Reminder: You’re not immune to other forms of privelege just because you’re in a marginalized community.

I still see anti-bi and anti-trans attitudes, erasure, and worse all the fucking time even in many “good” queer communities.

personal, mental health, slight positive and also negative 

its not working to do anything except make me feel guilty and like im co-opting an ientity even tho thats not true so im just gonna stop

if they're there, they'll tell me, i'm not making myself feel like shit to try and coax them out

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🎀 i wish i could just be normal

or at least be abnormal properly

mental health, plural 

🎀 its been 20 minutes why havent you talked with me yet

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