i make keyboards! that's been my pandemic hobby. i learned to use kicad and microcontrollers and stuff. they're weird but check em out:

(pictured here: a Quirk prototype with KAT Drifter)

@astra god i fucking love this star trek ass arcane interface so much

@astra looks nice ! Can you share ressources about making keyboards ? I am curious

@astra yoooo this is neat as fuck. I don't know much about this, would key-pressability be a factor you're able to manipulate? Say, for someone with joint problems who doesn't want a lot of resistance per key press?

@astra @phessler every keyboard should have that iconic “hello” key. It’s so friendly. It made me smile. Thank you just for that!

@astra Ooo, I could use that Lonely Rolling Star in a project of mine...

@socketwench i can build out the PCB so all you'd do is solder in switches, or i can go a little further! they use Kailh choc v1 switches, and, hm well

i havent actually thought about how to price these, so let me think about what a full buildout would cost with parts, and then labor.

i'm also working on acrylic backs for them! here's one that was cut a little too narrow. once i can laser again in a couple weeks, i can do custom stuff even!

@astra I'd be glad to do the soldering myself. I have some chocs to recycle, and I can program the micro too if there's instructions.

As for pricing... Hmmmm. Many keyboard kits are between $20 to $40 USD. The kits usually only come with the PCB, diodes, and TRRS jacks if needed. Often, the microcontroller, switches, caps, and case are separate. Cases are usually $20 to $30 USD, although specialty ones can be more. The most expensive I've seen is a full metal one for $200 just for the case. Full kits with everything (and a plastic case, usually) run usually around $150. With full assembly I'd expect $200 or more depending on complexity.

Keebio and Keyhive are good sources for kit prices.

@socketwench yay! that makes it easy. i can do the MCU and diodes, and it should be plenty flat

it has Vial support programmed in, so it's trivial to set up key configs. but it is a 30%-ish board, and has a real minimal layout. is that ok?

$20 + shipping for the board, with a pro micro and diodes!

@astra Sounds good! Where shall I send money and address?

@astra Wow those are some cool key caps. Where are you having them made? :o

@spacekookie they're generally designed by people in the community, and then they get a bunch of people to buy into them to get them made! look for keycaps group buys, a good starting is !~

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