work stuff but it's positive 

we have a nonbinary person on our team now, and today fae complimented my shirt??? which was just a button-up with a bunch of cats on it. but that was amazing and i'm more excited about my job than i have been in literal years. i showed faer how to set up cronjobs TwT i just want faer to have a good experience

i ordered a pinephone because i'm that kind of nerd

@astra does your ass have a built in horn so you can go


decided to collect all my pride flags and what i have is a p cool mess

re: tiny keyboard nerding 

30% keyboards are a challenge! i have a keymap set up for writing and chatting but not much else. here's the ZMK for it

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tiny keyboard nerding 

my tiny setup rn. background art by @NogitsuneGabe !

the keyboard is actually wireless but it's charging rn

iPad mini. keycaps are MBK Colors by MKU, legends dyesubbed on by me. MCU is a nice!nano by board is the Lonely Rolling Star by star🌟boards (aka me). trackball is an MX Ergo.

oh gosh, i keep defaulting to private posting and i actually don't want that? i think i've sent a few replies that people may have not been able to see

i make keyboards! that's been my pandemic hobby. i learned to use kicad and microcontrollers and stuff. they're weird but check em out:

(pictured here: a Quirk prototype with KAT Drifter)

dog photos 

her name is Juniper or Junie, or juni or june or PUPPYYYYYYY or pupy

she's a mutt (rottie? kelpie?? aussie?????) that was abandoned and we took her in and we love her. she's about 5 months old rn. and she's a BIG HECKER and anyway i love her so much TωT

no captions, these are all pictures of a black and tan lil babbydoggy

learning how to touch type colemak by the sheer force of my love for Hyper Light Drifter

selfie, eye contact 

red panda backpack! red panda backpack!

i had one of these pre-transition and i got rid of it because i was a spineless nerd whomst didn't know faer own gender

selfie, eye contact 

here's a recent of a fae gay creacher

oh no i forgot to mention i'm gay, what if people forget


hi i'm Astra, a chaos enby of 3 somewhat-combinable genders (effectively 5 total). my listed pronouns reflect the basics, but i lean femme and like fae/faer best.

i really dislike my job, which is writing code for a search engine. i want a different job, but i hate the idea of doing this some more at a different place. i don't care about advancing and i hate eng culture, which makes me hard to manage

i'm autistic and a product of trauma, and lots of things fill me with dread

i like writing music and playing with synths

i design keyboards (@sbkeebs on birdsite (ortho or die))

i like ska

i'm ace and aro, but i DO have kinks and i do like people. it can be hard to get close to me, maybe?

i used to draw. pandemic life may have killed this for me????

these are all the thing,

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