Where am I?

I'm here! @asonix

But I'm also here:

Instances that no longer exist (rest in peace):
@asonix @asonix

my name is sparks
and wen the sun
has gon to sleep
the day is donne
and no mor werk
is left to do
i sta up late
i must awoo

I'm setting up the latest Master. It will take some time

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I brought it down again so I could compile ruby 2.4.1

awoo.space patreon! 

I haven't asked this in a while, but do you wanna support our other admins?

I'm going to be distributing the funds from this Patreon to our staff who need the $$$ and if we get far enough we'll be able to more routinely commission art!


Anything you can awoo, I can awoo better!
I can awoo anything better than you!

So a new social platform that's open source? I wonder how this one will go. Nice interface.

My forbesona's name is Chad, he watches Boiler Room every sunday instead of going to church and he's really bad at poker but heavily invested in convincing people that he's good at poker

Are witches from the desert called sandwitches

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