if you can get vaccinated and choose not to, I hold you personally responsible for the fact that the pandemic is still going

you might be like me and have a phobia of needles and executive dysfunction that just fucks you up trying to make the appointment, or maybe you’re rightfully worried about getting treated like shit by doctors, I will straight up drive out and hold your hand and yell at people for you if that’s what it takes and that is totally okay with me

but if you’re just cool watching people suffocate in hospital beds knowing you traded their lives for your convenience, I will never feel safe around you


@kat There is no valid reason to refuse to get vaccinated, and anyone who refuses is why people are still dying.

"I'm not obligated to get a vaccine or mask up"

Fuck you, I'm not obligated to catch a deadly disease because you don't give a fuck about other people.

@artemis some people have conflicting health or socioeconomic issues or are immunocompromised, but I guess I wouldn’t really qualify that as a refusal exactly

@kat We don't consider a refusal the same thing as an "inability to receive"

@kat It's one thing to say "I can't have the vaccine, there are factors involved which mean receiving the vaccine would put my life at risk, but I will still take precautions against spreading anything"

That's acceptable, we can respect that.

What we can't respect is "Nah, I don't wanna get the vaccine because blah blah bullshit reasons, I don't have to take any precautions because I'm a snowflake blah blah"

That sort of shit is why we're still all in this mess.

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