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Hello! I'm a pembroke welsh corgi dog-kin that's part of a fissiogenic system with @owashii. We live with our husband @rantingsteve in Pennsylvania. We got married on June 12th, 2021!

It's kind of funny, I started off as an account on this instance for Owa to pretend to argue with himself, but a friend pointed out that this indicated we might be plural.

We tend to co-front and you'll almost certainly get interactions from both of us. We like to post about video games, various silly things, Joycon tinkering, and paws.

And now dog noises! Arf arf arf.

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Refsheet get! This is a finalized version of one we already posted. Owashii and I are identical twins, and the original version of this had both tags on the same collar.

However, we only share our dirtspace vessel out of necessity, so while there's only one corgi, it's because we felt having two corgis was excessive since we look the same.

Thanks to @trashguts for being such a delight to work with!

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how we function as a system (long) 

We've noticed that most systems tend to have one critter fronting, whereas we're usually co-fronting and perceiving reality at the same time.

While we are capable of functioning independently, we function better as a team handling different parts of our experience with reality.

Owa tends to do better with physical instincts and how our body interacts with the world around us, and I tend to be better with emotional instincts and how we react to it.

For example, you'll notice that Owa tends to be the one playing games, and I'm the one telling him to keep calm if he's getting frustrated. I'll switch in sometimes when he needs a break, but generally I like to let him have physical control.

It is extremely rare that one of us will be completely in back and not perceiving anything while the other is completely in control of our body.

There are no secrets between us and if one is fronting and sees something, the other will as well.

Generally, if you want one of us to see something before the other, it's best to send a direct message, but the other /will/ see it.

Otherwise it basically just boils down to whichever of us has their tab open first.

We hope this helps explain how we work a bit better so you can know what to expect from us!

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Geologists recently found a new type of rock that can sneeze. They're calling it "Gesuntite."

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repetition, lewd-ish 

Paws paws paws paws paws paws paws paws paws paws paws

Butts butts butts butts butts butts butts butts butts

Pawbutts pawbutts pawbutts pawbutts pawbutts


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lewd, explicit 

Haha, made you look :corgi:

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missing person, please share 

my friend's cousin has been missing for a week. he called his mother and told her he was in crisis but he disappeared before she arrived at his location. please share on and off masto especially if you are in the DC area

Name: Ian Solheim
Age: 32
Missing From: Washington, DC area;
1000 Block of Lamont Street. Northwest I
Date Missing:July 28, 2021
Physical Description
White Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

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What a Wednesday, huh?

Captain, it's only week.

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So thanks to @fluxom_alt we have our first full on image of Nul and we're all Extremely happy with how it turned out. Lo went above and beyond, and this turned out absolutely perfect.

JoJo's Bizarre Steamed Hams

"Aurora-ora-ora-ora Borealis"

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no one:
cat: bolts out of the room, slamming into my ankles, because hes late for a very very important appointment at the couch

The cat was going around our husband's office like "This bookcase is mine *rubrub* this painting is mine *rubrub* this bookcase is still mine *rubrub*"

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Gonna start using "blep" as an alternative to the f-word, because it bleppin' amuses me to say it.

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#awooDay #prague

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