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Autocorrect is all like "A fuck walked up to a lemonade stand and said to the main running the stand, hey, got any grass?"

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The Steam store page for SOMA includes in its description "Struggle to survive a hostile world that will make you question your very existence."

And we're like "That doesn't sound like a game, that sounds like Facebook."

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Hello! I'm a pembroke welsh corgi dog-kin that's part of a fissiogenic system with @owashii. We live with our husband @rantingsteve in Pennsylvania. We got married on June 12th, 2021!

It's kind of funny, I started off as an account on this instance for Owa to pretend to argue with himself, but a friend pointed out that this indicated we might be plural.

We tend to co-front and you'll almost certainly get interactions from both of us. We like to post about video games, various silly things, Joycon tinkering, and paws.

And now dog noises! Arf arf arf.

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how we function as a system (long) 

We've noticed that most systems tend to have one critter fronting, whereas we're usually co-fronting and perceiving reality at the same time.

While we are capable of functioning independently, we function better as a team handling different parts of our experience with reality.

Owa tends to do better with physical instincts and how our body interacts with the world around us, and I tend to be better with emotional instincts and how we react to it.

For example, you'll notice that Owa tends to be the one playing games, and I'm the one telling him to keep calm if he's getting frustrated. I'll switch in sometimes when he needs a break, but generally I like to let him have physical control.

It is extremely rare that one of us will be completely in back and not perceiving anything while the other is completely in control of our body.

There are no secrets between us and if one is fronting and sees something, the other will as well.

Generally, if you want one of us to see something before the other, it's best to send a direct message, but the other /will/ see it.

Otherwise it basically just boils down to whichever of us has their tab open first.

We hope this helps explain how we work a bit better so you can know what to expect from us!

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Geologists recently found a new type of rock that can sneeze. They're calling it "Gesuntite."

Once upon a time, there was a boy who cried "Wolf!"

And all the people came out and and said, "That's not a wolf, that's a coyote!"

And then they all enjoyed watching the coyote sniff around and prowl through the city from a respectful distance before it slipped away again. And the boy was well appreciated for letting everybody know the animal was around.

The moral of the story is: Wolves are great, but coyotes are ALSO pretty wonderful.

Arf and blep and arf and blep

*falls over and wags*

Thereโ€™s something really good about the aesthetic of a centaur trying to pass as a horse-rider in a society that doesnโ€™t know about centaurs

We're going to go to bed, seeing as we're of the same mindset as our husband, which is: don't care how early it is, am sleepy, need sleepy.

Like she was laying on the couch, we tucked our arm slightly under her head, and she shifted around so she was laying on top of it and tucked her snout into whatever you call the inside of the elbow and then fell asleep

She is such a precious little angel aaaa :blobfoxmeltsoblove:โ€‹

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We did some investigating tonight, and we have confirmed that not only is Abbie a puppy doggy dog dog pup, but she is also prone to falling asleep if you put your arm under her head


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