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Refsheet get! This is a finalized version of one we already posted. Owashii and I are identical twins, and the original version of this had both tags on the same collar.

However, we only share our dirtspace vessel out of necessity, so while there's only one corgi, it's because we felt having two corgis was excessive since we look the same.

Thanks to @trashguts for being such a delight to work with!

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how we function as a system (long) 

We've noticed that most systems tend to have one critter fronting, whereas we're usually co-fronting and perceiving reality at the same time.

While we are capable of functioning independently, we function better as a team handling different parts of our experience with reality.

Owa tends to do better with physical instincts and how our body interacts with the world around us, and I tend to be better with emotional instincts and how we react to it.

For example, you'll notice that Owa tends to be the one playing games, and I'm the one telling him to keep calm if he's getting frustrated. I'll switch in sometimes when he needs a break, but generally I like to let him have physical control.

It is extremely rare that one of us will be completely in back and not perceiving anything while the other is completely in control of our body.

There are no secrets between us and if one is fronting and sees something, the other will as well.

Generally, if you want one of us to see something before the other, it's best to send a direct message, but the other /will/ see it.

Otherwise it basically just boils down to whichever of us has their tab open first.

We hope this helps explain how we work a bit better so you can know what to expect from us!

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Geologists recently found a new type of rock that can sneeze. They're calling it "Gesuntite."

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Time for an !

Hello there, I'm Artemis! I'm Owashii's headmate. It's kind of funny, actually. I started off as a joke so Owa could pretend to argue with himself, but I ended up starting to split off into my own self!

I don't know a whole lot about myself other than that I'm a corgi, but we'll figure this out in due time.

My interests are identical to Owashii's: video games, making dumb jokes, our relationship, and tinkering with Joycons.

Nice to meet all of you!

Christ, even in the video game world we have to deal with dipshits making right turns from the left lane.

[Can't fault them for realism. -Owa]

Owa lost his patience with the taxi thing in Yakuza 5, I'm taking over.

And after dealing with these dipfuck pedestrians for five minutes, I can't say I blame him for losing patience.

Artemis :corgi: awooed
Artemis :corgi: awooed
Artemis :corgi: awooed

pandemic musings, silly 

Me before the pandemic: Even though I'm working from home today, I'm gonna get dressed to help wake up and get myself into that Work Mindset(TM).
Me now: fuck pants.

Artemis :corgi: awooed

Silly game, thinking we'll actually progress the story when there's other stuff available

Artemis :corgi: awooed

After a little bit of tinkering this morning, we have added battery replacement and taptic feedback (rumble) replacement to our repertoire of Joycon repair. Let us know if you'd like some guidance on replacing those parts and we can help.

Random NPC walks into two characters as they have a talking event in Yakuza 5, the random NPC vanishes. We're pretty sure this means they're a ghost.

Artemis :corgi: awooed

Would you take a robot body?

Artemis :corgi: awooed

Oh no Pachinko is a thing in Yakuza 5 and we don't get Koi-koi near the beginning.

Guess we found what Owa plans on doing for most of the start of the game.

Artemis :corgi: awooed
Artemis :corgi: awooed

That sleeping thing with the going to of the bed

We do that after doing a tooth flossy thing

Take that, teeth?

I'unno. We're tired.

Artemis :corgi: awooed
Artemis :corgi: awooed
Artemis :corgi: awooed

boomer rite of passage: buying your first car

millennial rite of passage: stepping into the bathtub, realizing these dishes are gonna need to be cleaned one way or another

Artemis :corgi: awooed

Steve, we saw that favorite. Being on Mastodon is not taking a nap, put the phone away you silly woof.

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