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Hello hello! We've released a new demo of Anthrotari, the visual novel about growing up as a queer furry on the 90's Internet!

One last break day.

With the new month nearly here, it's about time to write up a new Patreon post! That, and make those longer-term plans for the game.

Another day of recuperative relaxation.

Project planning is important but I've been neglecting personal planning this last month. Prioritizing that this weekend. All your project work comes from your person, after all, so shortcomings there bottleneck everything else. Prioritize accordingly!

It's been a good weekend of connecting with family and friends.

I wouldn't be making Anthrotari without these people.

Happy Thanksgiving from here in the US!

It was all cooking and (socially distanced) family time today.

I'm grateful to be working on Anthrotari.

Another day off while we prepare for Thanksgiving here in US (with safety measures taken, of course).

Purposefully setting some low productivity goals for today so that I can actually feel relaxed in the evening. More of the same over the rest of the holiday weekend. After that, I expect to have more bandwidth for bigger-picture planning.

Another day off. I will likely continue the break through the end of the November holiday week.

Until I get my sleep schedule together and nail down what I can delegate, I won't make the most important progress on the game.

Better to figure out the 20% likely matters most than to keep toiling on the other 80%.

Back home safe and sound! No Anthrotari work today but I plan to post an update for Patreon backers soon.

Packing for a trip tonight! Bringing old journals and BuJos on this trip. Intrigued to see what past thoughts and insights I had about Anthrotari. That and eager to make plans for the future. See you all next week!

Another break day for Anthrotari.

I had been staying up late for months in order to reach my daily goal of game work and that was wholly unsustainable. I'm taking this break in no small part to get back onto a better sleep schedule. Off to bed!

Today is a *planned* break day. I can feel my brain relaxing after stepping away. Looking forward to some deeper planning by the end of the week.

Today's an unplanned but important break day.

I've been working in "maker" mode for too long. It's time to take a step back into "manager" mode and work out exactly what's left to do before releasing the first episode. Then I can go heads-down on execution again.

Wish me luck!

Break day today for some quality interpersonal time.

*Finally* followed up with two of the game's contractors on various matters. Long overdue on my part.

Game dev can be as much or more about mastering the management skills than the technical ones.

It'll be a study night tonight. I got my flu shot yesterday and I think I'm still feeling it.

A productive day of market research and outreach!

If I'm going to publish Anthrotari episode one, it'll need to be in stores! It's all about researching marketplaces today.

A productive day of working on the distribution build configuration for Anthrotari. Important steps towards a formal release!

Tonight I'll be drafting a belated Patreon backer update and doing some relevant reading (since it's already so late). More episode work later this week.

Another productive night! I made headway on extracting a first episode out of the current code. Still plenty of work to do but this progress was refreshing.

Had a very late start to a very productive night. Made significant headway towards breaking this first episode out of the rest of the game. Wish me luck!

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