we can do more together than we can individually

it's better to work for your community's interests than your boss' interests

don't mind me, just spouting a couple of wild ideas!!

I am looking for practical resources or your own great stories on and . what happens when you add time. you live longer, get longer. what happens, according to your experience or ? Common pitfalls and joys? methods to solve problems? looking forward to read from you..

consensual bondage, grey hair 

bondage. photo by Jo Pollux

nail polish, hands, wrinkles 

no special reason. yes, i have wrinkled hands, I came this far. I celebrate that.

Street art, wheat paste, depictions of kink 

#streetart #berlin depiction of #shibari 2,40m tall.

trees, discontinued train lines 

out of no reason, I like this place. how the trees take the space back in no time and without looking hurried. #berlin

Stigmatization of the ill 

I see stuff here & there (on fedi & elsewhere) stigmatizing sick people to the point of colloquial calls for violence to them if they happen to do anything even remotely likely to pass covid to others. There are no perfect patients of any disease. Some people may literally not be in a safe economic position to quarantine themselves. Most people won't know they're sick right away. Please remember mitigation doesn't mean absolute physical purity. Please have compassion.

today people in #berlin are protesting in solidarity with those stuck in camps, against capitalism and for open borders.

see images for some impressions.

there's also an occupation taking place.
more infos for that see here:
(they also do streaming)

Let it be the beginning.

As long there's people living in the street, and as long there're empty houses, it's the responsible of those that have the pysical and mental capacities, to claim back such spaces.

#besetzen #squatting #coronacrisis

bondage rope, hand working, geeking out 

preparing #bondagerope in a sunny day in #berlin. let me know if interested. all other #bondage related activities self suspended (bad pun..) since weeks now. stay indoors, stay safe in physical distance (but not unsolidary) as a community.

New to mastodon, and far from having understood it. #introductions for starters. mastodon reminds me of old Usenet newsgroups in a pleasant way.

I am based in Berlin, Germany , and I teach and practice #shibari professionally. I am also into #noisemusic and #diyart from a doer perspective.

I move in the #queer #sexpositive #collective #anarchofeminism corner of the sandbox. let's fill shoes with sand.

thanks for having me. stay safe and kind.

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