Chick-fil-A (+) 

When I look at my follower lists and see people I have big respect for following me I wonder what on earth they see in me. :andrew_thinking:

Wonder if I can retrofit USB C charging into my thinkpad using a USB-PD sink controller and a DC-DC converter.

The USB C connector could live quite happily in the kensington lock slot...

I adopted my dog from a blacksmith. As soon as we got home he made a bolt for the door.

Could any of you folks review this conference abstract I've put together and provide feedback?

Also, would you attend this talk?

@tinytoydragon If my memory is correct, that's them opening the brand new science building.

@tinytoydragon Wow, didn't expect to see a gif involving my University on the fediverse.

Inspirational quote: one day you will turn your head and the fajita sizzling will be for YOU

a wideband transmission? in downtown 915 MHz??
it's more legal than you think.

[free Part 15 check!]

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