Does anyone know of any good resources for how the fediverse works API-wise? I originally thought it was just ActivityPub/OStatus, but there seems to be a lot of non-standard stuff.

@andrew everything AP is ActivityPub and ActivityStream W3C blahblah website.
Emojis, reports, blah, AFAIK mastodon document pretty much nothing, pleroma it's a WIP.

@dashie I’m hoping some of the nonstandard features eventually get included in ActivityPub, I don’t like the idea of having to emulate being a Mastodon instance.

@andrew best bet is to follow the LitePub spec work in progress I think :)
but yeah, unfortunately mastodon is becoming some sort of ""standard"" and ewwwwww

@dashie Yeah. I’m really not a fan of unofficial standards. I want to develop an alternate ActivityPub implementation, and it’d be nice to actually work with other folks’ implementations properly instead of going it alone.

@andrew litepub would help here. but yeah, right now, there is nothing like "this is the basic you needs to talk to a xx compliant app".
Basically with AP, the only requirement is more or less "ID" and "type" for every objects.
Good luck for interoperability :/

@dashie I’m rather anxious about approaching people regarding interop. Worried I’m just gonna get shat on by other developers.

@andrew here I'm considering giving up on my federated very-light soundcloud-like app (everything work, except AP) because it will never federate with mastodon unless someone add support for Audio object and
a/ gargron merge it, or
b/ gargron merge his half-backed Audio-as-attachment rotting PR

Pleroma will not be an issue, they are open.
so, well, current state of the federation is very much meh.
@andrew I'm really feeling it's "adapt to us or die", "do hacky or die" and because of gargron mentality on mastodon features (and mastodon which represents a non-negligible part of the fediverse...)
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