I don't suppose Mastodon is small and close-knit enough to ask around if anyone knows of any remote working jobs for a software dev? I could really use a change of scene.

UK or US East time zone, must be fully remote if in the USA. I do PHP, Java, Python and old school HTML/CSS/JS, but open to learn pretty much anything.

@andrew I do some of my remote working via Upwork - you might find some leads on there.

@MrRobinHood Not yet! I’ve done data processing for ingesting into Amazon RedShift before at a previous job, but that’s the closest I’ve gotten to data science stuff.

@sajith Aye, but it seems to be populated almost entirely by Node.js roles, which isn't really what I'm looking for. :<

@andrew Ah I see. I too am on the same boat.

I have these too in my list, but they also are mainly jobs in areas where I do not have much background:

I hope things will work out for you. Good luck!

@andrew I think Red Hat are very remote friendly and likely to have Java/Python roles. Maybe also Canonical

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