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Hi, I'm Andrew! I'm a software developer from the UK pretending to be a blue fox on the internet!

I'm a massive dork and am interested in electronics, engineering, programming, trains, space, science and a whole lot of other things! In my spare time I am working on a closed-source Space Station 13 codebase at!

My account is locked purely to act as a bot deterrent, so feel free to drop me a follow request!

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en_WWW, the locale for all those who learned english by being exposed to the internet

I am fucking with my dot matrix printer again and I am at the point of reading the code of a print driver component of the Ghostscript project written in C to figure out what to send it.

Infosec Griping 

I don't understand the common need to self-promote that seems to prevalent around infosec researchers. There always feels like there's some kind of grift going on, and they seem to react very badly if you don't immediately buy in.

Is that industry THAT competitive that they need to shill themselves like this non-stop?

Me: Don't you dare!
> Angry printer grinding noises
Me: Oh no you don't
> Printer protesting noises!
Me, dejected: Augh, I guess I should actually use this label printer for its intended purpose.

Job Hunting (+) 

I got a job offer from a financial services firm. Slightly more pay, fully remote!

Amazon is clearly misunderstanding my desire for a 19 inch rack

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Job Search (~) 

Didn’t get that job.

I’ve been referred internally to another, more devops role in the same company though.

At least that Cambridge job actually replied to me at long last!

Very glad I headed home from EMF yesterday after hearing about some of the carnage the stormy weather wracked.

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