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Hi, I'm Andrew! I'm a software developer from the UK pretending to be a blue fox on the internet!

I'm a massive dork and am interested in electronics, engineering, programming, trains, space, science and a whole lot of other things! In my spare time I am working on a closed-source Space Station 13 codebase at!

My account is locked purely to act as a bot deterrent, so feel free to drop me a follow request!

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Work (-) 

Mmh, having feedback about poor attention to detail at work, when I’m about to undergo an ADHD assessment on the NHS in a few weeks.

Why does everyone always me for directions/travel advice when I’m out and about?

Was pleased to see the latest Kursgesagt video has a person of colour representing the viewer instead of a white European.

I have some slots open for my commissions - vector emoji, emotes and stickers for your sonas, D&D games, Twitch channels or other stuff!

More info:

I have moved my memory foam mattress into my office so I can enjoy air con

Gmail will block all third party mail clients starting from June:

That is, unless they pay $4500 minimum for an audit :D

Stop using gmail and enabling their monopolistic practices, if you already haven't.

Air con has pulled a whole litre of water out of the air so far today.

m o i s t

Whenever it gets warm my James Webb Space Telescope poster falls off the wall.

This seems... fitting.

Air conditioning time. I am ~melting~ from the humidity. D:

No responses from the job applications I put out. :andrew_confounded:

Yay! It now plays hardcoded news at the end of every hour!

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Currently when the playlist runs out it just generates a new playlist, but the goal is to make it play a jingle or read some news to the listener via speech synthesis or something.

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It also has a task that automatically imports music for me from the disk and categorises it.

Important part is that it has a HTTP endpoint that will dequeue things from the playlist, which means that icecast can use it to source what track to play next.

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Progress on the radio station front today. Got a Django application running that manages the scheduling of the tracks.

Made a task that will attempt to generate playlists with specific lengths, and it seems to do a reasonable job!

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