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Hi, I'm Andrew! I'm a software developer from the UK pretending to be a blue fox on the internet!

I'm a massive dork and am interested in amateur radio, electronics, engineering, programming, trains, space, science and a whole lot of other things! o3o

I work for a big Enterprise-ey company, but I like writing small, concice bits of code which are easy to be picked up and understood by others. I also care about accessibility and ethical programming (that is, using programming to make the world a better place instead of using it to make profit!)

My account is locked to act as a bot deterrent, feel free to drop me a friend request. 💙

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I successfully have duplex V.21 going from Serial Modem <-> FXS <-> Asterisk!

I have acquired a document specifying all of the protocols that SyncTerm supports. Jackpot!

No Andrew, stop getting flustered over new cuties you find on the internet.

superintendent, i hope you're ready for mouthwatering hamburgers

Does anyone know a solid person I can commission a ref sheet from?

In the non-negative way of meaning this, I really don't deserve my friends.

They're all too good to me, and I just hope I can continue to live up to what they deserve from me in return.

Chief O'Brein has to be my favourite Star Trek character.

I am now the proud owner of 14,400 - 300 bps serial fax modem. <3

Apology, MH (-) 


This gives me hope for making my BBS accessible over SIP.

Today I learned that minimodem can decode FSK tones from a YouTube video just fine.

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