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There are a bunch of people who follow me on here and birdsite who I have a lot of respect for, but I have no idea why the heck they follow me.

I'm not really that interesting. D:

Been asked before why I put 🇬🇧 in my profile name on Telegram, Mastodon, etc.

...because otherwise everyone assumes I'm an American and messages me at three in the morning! :V

TCP: yes I'd like a glass of water
[waitstaff brings a drink] "here you are"

UDP: I'd also like a gla-

More thoughts on the .phar vs composer thing, inspired by a status update from @Saxxon.

I think I might do both. Let people install stuff via Composer, allowing them to pick and choose packages as they please, but also bundle a .phar with all the suggested packages included so you can have a single file binary if you want that simplicity. 🤔

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Fans and cable management are delayed until tomorrow, but I can play with soldering tonight!

Legit been having issues reconnecting with reality when I wake up.

Long shot, but maybe this will help?

Re: Last toot - If any folks have a spare invite, said friend of mine is looking to join Mastodon and would like an invite!

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