How do I rebrand as horny on main when I already have horns? ]:<

There is a whole subgenere of horror that is just like nuns getting possessed by demons and I've never seen any of it but I bet its really bad and corny.

And also low-key (or not-so-low-key) misogynistic.

Me? Having two tabs open to the exact same webcomic?

Its more likely than you think.

re: Hot Food Take 

Some rando: A meatless burger? Impossible!

Me: What is it with you and that word? I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Hot Food Take 

Don't call your burger "impossible" unless its made from anti-matter or something.

A meatless burger doesn't even rate as "improbable" at this point.

Why do I go on fb anymore? * sees DS9 meme *

oh yeh that's why

Oh fuck I thought about misogyny and now I want to punch all cishet men.

Brain hack: eliminate unwanted ideas from your brain by thinking backwards.

What the hell is "Goptu" and how do I get a Klingon to lift it to me?

Hot Star Trek Take 

Star Trek Online has a better Romulan storyline than Picard.

The Tal Shiar are a cool concept, but fantasy racism against AI is done to death in Sci-Fi.

In STO, you get to join a resistance fight against the Star Empire for a more democratic government that is less secretive.

And there's a whole secret enemy space mystery alongside it, which is more than the federation opening storyline has.

I keep forgetting STO has playable lizard people.

Which is more than I can say for pathfinder kingmaker.

What I'm saying is hell to the yess I'm making a Saurian STO captain.

At this rate I'm just gonn end up redownloading Star Trek Online aren't I? sigh

Me: Bosses suck, and so do bootlickers.

Also me: I want to be a starship captain!

Literally writing kobolds into Star Trek, I am such a nerd 

So basically here's the pitch: a race of giant quadrupedal sentient lizards genetically engineers a servitor race of bipedal lizard folk that worship them as "the Progenitors." Then the progenitor lizards die out, and the servitor race enters the federation because the center of their society just collapsed and they need stability.

Since they have dedication to a hierarchy literally encoded into their genes, many of the servitor lizards join starfleet because a chain of command provides an easy, recognizable thing to them. They becomes well known in starfleet for being excellent lower deck crewmen, with a few occasionally moving up the ranks to become operations officers and engineers. But eventually one gets promoted to captain...and has to deal with being on top for the first time in her life.

"Curzon, my old friend!"

"I'm Jadzia now."

"Jadzia, my old friend!"


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I don't kin Jadzia Dax but I still really identify with her.

And trill in general.

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