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fursona backstory, trans stuff, sci-fi GRS, some kinky content 

I've decide that my fursona comes from a world where genetic manipulation is common, resulting in anthros that are basically posthuman subspecies of homo sapiens. They are all capable of producing viable offspring, being at least part human, which is where I come from!

My sona is transgender, but it being a futuristic sci-fi setting, you can literally have organs vatgrown from your own cells and implanted via surgery, so she has functional ovaries and a uterus. This comes with the side-effect of going into estrus (which is a kink of mine) because of the mixture of animal genes interacting with her new genitalia.

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anthro art, ec, I changed sonas again woo 

I've been oscillating between shark feels and fox feels so I made a hybrid.

Will this be my new primary sona? Signs point to fuck yeah, this design is cute as a button. :3

Don't ask me how this works biologically.

Fantasy nerds please syop talking about realism when you mean internal consistency, these are different things

Really weird to me that the PS4 does not have a digital backup of the screenshot gallery.

I guess I need to do it via usb and it doesn't sync via the cloud? weird.

How the fuck do I transfer screenshots from my playstation gallery so you can gawk at how cute my arcanist is???

i just realized FFXIV stands for final fantasy something some number. this whole time my brain has been processing the like letter soup and for some unfathomable reason spitting out "five nights at freddy's"

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I actually love the FFXIV cutscenes because the game is super pretty and so is my character

trans women's sexuality 

Referencing the National Center for Transgender Equality's 2015 US Trans Survey, with 28,000 responses, the writer notes, "Picking out the results of just those that identified as trans women, we have:

6% identify as asexual;
20% identify as bisexual;
27% identify as gay, lesbian, or same-gender-loving;
16% identify as pansexual;
6% identify as queer per se;
19% identify as straight/heterosexual;
and 6% identify in a way that was not listed.

Adding up all the trans women who do not identify as straight/heterosexual, we can see that 81% of trans women identify as queer in the broad sense of the term. Eighty. One. Percent. So, queer trans women are hardly an outlier. In fact, you are far more likely to meet a queer trans woman than a straight trans woman. Straight trans women are a significant chunk of our community, but they are far from the majority."

Thinking of shoplifting a kitchen tool? I mean, you gotta take a whisk now and then.

re: The plan, mild lewd 


(waves from warm) It's a good plan

look everyone knows i love pointy elf ears, but feathery ears are extremely underrated

The plan, mild lewd 

  • grow tits
  • move to warm
  • show off tits

Yelling "I'm guilty" into random court rooms in the same manor that one would try to mess someone up by shouting random numbers while they try to count.

account meta musings 

I have this weird thing where if cuties are flirting with each other in my home tl I just fave the whole thread on reflex, is that weird? I don't jump in and participate

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