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Alright, let's do this...

Hi! I'm Alahmnat. I'm a mid-30s web developer, aspiring game designer, and D'ni historian. I make no apologies for my bad/dad jokes and puns. Also I'm an arctic fox :)

My pronouns are they/them, but I won't be mad if you use he/him.

Well, I managed to draw blood on the glue holding the frozen pizza box shut today. How's your day going?

I’m extremely nervous and excited to run this adventure live, as I really have no clue what’s going to happen! Join us tonight at 7:00 when we kick over the powder keg in ‘A Night at the Golden Duck’ on
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Quick reminder that this evening's Dice Friends goes live at 7PM Pacific, which is 2 hours later than normal.

Tonight on the show is 'A Night at the Golden Duck', a Old Scho…

ec, selfie 

And a photo of me, just for fun. Portrait mode is pretty cool too.

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Got an iPhone 12 mini yesterday and had a chance to test out the camera this evening. It boggles my mind that these shots of Christmas lights in a nearby park look *exactly* like the view through my own eyes. This thing is wild.

Which is worse:

Pronouncing "fur suit" like "pursuit"


Pronouncing "pursuit" like "fur suit"?

Big brain play of the day: routing my therapy call through my laptop so I can use my fancy wireless headset instead of holding my phone up to my face the whole time.

Aces and Aros are my queer family and I will always support and defend them against haters queer and cis-het.

"Go away," the dragon said. "Winter makes me sleepy."
"Please," said the villagers, "come and sleep in the village square."
"Why, so you can warm yourself on my heat?"
"Well, yes," the villagers admitted, "but also so you are not alone."
"Hrmpf," said the dragon. "Very well."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

It was on the VHS release, and *nothing else*, and I have a hard time not getting cold cocked by the iTunes copy we have when it just skips straight from Belle saying "you did once" to Rizzo and Gonzo weeping openly to the closing bars of the music. Like, that was harsh, but not *that* harsh.

Plus it not being there robs "The Love We Found" of its emotional depth by eliminating the callback it's making to Scrooge's lowest point.

I'm usually not an advocate for companies being able to modify content that you've purchased after-the-fact, but Apple, please put the song back in my copy!

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I am exactly 0% surprised that Katzenburg is the reason "When Love is Gone" wasn't in the theatrical cut of Muppet Christmas Carol, and a further 0% surprised it was because he didn't think kids would "get it".

If there's one thing corporate-run Disney has always been good at, it's underestimating the mental and emotional intelligence of their target audience.

Hilda Season 2 is out and it's SO GOOD. Go watch it!

Forget Cyberpunk 2077, I want to play the game of the Magnum Bullets music video.

OG LRR and Desert Bus crewmember (and also my best friend from elementary school), Morgan is having—to put it mildly—a shitty holiday. If his antics made you smile in the past, please consider helping him out now.

I’m so incredibly lucky to have friends and a mate willing to indulge my weird nonsense.

Happy second birthday to Zami, my African wild dog 'sona (they/them).

I love them.

🎨 by CurioDraco on Twitter


Getting into a debate on Birdsite about whether being fired for masturbating in front of your coworkers on a Zoom call is justified was not where I expected my night to end up, but here we are I guess…

(In case it’s not clear, the answer is yes, of course that’s a justified punishment.)

Cannot wait to get the final versions of my latest batch of Telegram stickers... *tiny bounces*

How practical is it to pull off "boyfriend's much larger sweatshirt"-energy clothing when you're 6'1" and currently 260lbs? 'Cause that's really the kind of vibe I wanna go for right now…

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