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Alright, let's do this...

Hi! I'm Alahmnat. I'm a mid-30s web developer, aspiring game designer, and D'ni historian. I make no apologies for my bad/dad jokes and puns. Also I'm an arctic fox :)

My pronouns are they/them, but I won't be mad if you use he/him.

I've had an unclaimed seasonal challenge blinking at me in Destiny for almost a week now, but I can't claim it because it's not visible.

Thanks to Braytech, I've discovered that I completed a challenge for *week 10* (specifically, the "do patrols and such in The Dreaming City" challenge, which I have to figure a lot of people are getting early given the amount of times they've sent us to the Dreaming City this season?), so I get to see that thing blink at me for another 6 weeks. Fantastic :P

I want a shoebox house that I can just have someone put on a side table and let me live in, because I am quintessential twee micro trash who grew up knowing what Borrowers are.

Update: my paws and leggies are even more sore now.

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My paws are sore and so are my leggies. And I get to do the same shift again tomorrow. Wheeee! 😶

Binged the entirety of Centaurworld last night. Holy crap what an amazing show. It can definitely be A Lot sometimes, but I think the best way to describe it is "early Adventure Time zaniness with late Adventure Time narrative".

Also it's full of absolutely *banger* songs.

No, YOU stayed up all night listening and re-listening to songs from Centaurworld.

Witch Queen spoilers for D2 

I really find the moth imagery they’ve used in Savathûn’s design language really evocative on a metaphorical level: a creature often associated with darkness, attracted by and drawn to the allure of the light. I mean, she’s made Light-bearing hive for crying out loud.

I still think her crown looks goofy though. The rest of her design is fabulous, but the crown is mega-goofy.

Woo, my Deep Stone Crypt parka is coming on Friday!

I still love that Mysterio’s actual outfit in Spider-Man Far From Home was literally just a motion capture suit.

I think literally no-scoping someone with a friggin' sniper rifle headshot in the Crucible is a good enough way to end the day. (For those not familiar with Destiny 2, sniper rifles *do not have crosshairs* unless you're using the scope.)

Start those engines race fans, we’re five days out from the return of the fifth annual 24 Hours of LRRMans endurance racing stream!

Racing starts at 7:00 AM Pacific, Saturday August 21 over at and goes for the full 24 hours.
(Pre-show starting at 6:45) 🏎

The federated timeline is probably the absolute worst feature of Mastodon, because it totally crashes the concept of instances being their own communities. I haven’t looked at the federated TL in like 3 years at this point and I don’t regret it at all. I have Home for everyone I want to keep tabs on/hang out with/listen to, and Local for seeing what people on the instance I’ve chosen as my home are saying/up to. I could not possibly care less about the flood of messages coming in from people I neither follow more chose to be associated with.

People are welcome to follow whoever they want. But I don’t care about them, and injecting that feed into what is otherwise its own little sub-community in the broader ‘verse has done absolutely nothing but cause problems. If someone I follow thinks a person on another instance is cool, they can RT them or recommend them.

(By extension, I feel like a public but local-only post option would be a much better idea, because it contributes to local community building, and I think that’s way more important than globalizing everything.)

I need to go shoot a lot of digital mans now.

Anyway, I'll miss seeing you on my TL, @kat. Take care 💜


Going through my follows to see if there's anyone I need to worry about losing because of the current BS and seeing all of the people from Snouts who disappeared after the last time BS from the same instance claimed my home on the 'verse, and just getting extremely fucking angry-sad about it.

It is SO NICE today, not even 70 degrees. Too bad it won't last. It'll be back up into the 90s and 100s the rest of the week. (also sucks that the wildfire smoke is so bad, which means we can't actually open up the apartment and enjoy it :P)

Dear webapp devs,

I absolutely understand the "oh no they're looking at me, I should do something!" instinct you've built into your platforms, but please let me assure you that there is nothing more frustrating as catching something out of the corner of your eye as you're tabbing away, only for it to vanish entirely when you click back to that tab.

Toilets need to come with one of those emergency shutoff buttons they have at gas stations.

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