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opsec is the antithesis of clout
in this essay i will

me praising rust: "never encounter a segfault again!!!"

me doing rust: "hmm is a 207th unsafe block ok... yeah I guess" [uses std::mem::transmute]


musique de John Cena

Need support to pay rent and buy food. Boosting is appreciated. 

I need to pay my room rent ($30) and to buy food (approximately $20 for next few days). I barely have money to pay my rent and I still not getting paid teaching students for math competition.

My Paypal account:

I don't know how to pay back. I create many web programs that might be useful for everyone like Random Graph Generator ( and Random chemical compound generator ( I also created some game-related tools like Random Plants vs Zombies Plants Generator ( and more tools at​

needles, hrt and infosec shitpost 

✋ SQL injections
👉 Estradiol injections

On cherche à placer la petite chatte que @codeurimpulsif a trouvée, je ne peux pas la garder car elle ne veut pas cohabiter avec mon autre chat... N'hésitez pas à faire tourner :)

Nos permanences en non-mixité trans et en questionnement reprennent début octobre !
➡️ Retrouvez nous le samedi 1er octobre à partir de 15h à la MJC La Paillette pour la première permanence de la saison ! 🏳️‍⚧️


hrt, needles 

I managed to inject myself in my left thigh (despite being right-handed) for the first time, so now I can stop abusing my poor right leg ahah

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I finally changed my phone number on Telegram so that nobody in my family can know I am on Telegram :D

stream promo 

How about an ETS2 test stream? I want to see if my internet can handle it

begpost, help trans girl buy groceries pls boost!! 

I need about 50 dollars to pay for groceries this week, I start my new job soon but I won't be paid for a few weeks

cashapp: $digitalcreature

#mutualaid #mutualaidrequest #transcrowdfund

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