""Besides updating Element, people will also want to install patches for Beeper, Cinny, SchildiChat, Circuli,, and any other clients based on matrix-js-sdk, matrix-ios-sdk, or matrix-android-sdk2. It's important to install the fixes first and only then perform the verification with new devices.""

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Hey my fellow furries, if you had to choose, which one would it be?

You become your fursona
Your fursona comes to life and loves you

Si un centre d’appel CPF vous appelle, le coup de « je suis à la retraite » est efficace :blobfoxfingerguns:

oh I love disseminating personal information on various random company's websites in order to download essential software for my classes I'm sure that's never gonna come back to bite me in the ass

looking for input from people who have neovaginas/have had GRS 

if you could go back and decide to have surgery again or not, would you? how come?

Was it worth the disruption to your life for the surgery recovery? was it worth the expenses? worth the uncertainty?

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Nous sommes le 28, c'est le maudit jour de l'actualisation.
Prenez soin de vous !
Petit lien de confort :

Starting to wonder if Tokyo Mew Mew didn't make me a fucking furry back when I was like 5 years old

Ce soir je continue à faire n'importe quoi, vers 19h, sur Saints Row 😛​

Si vous vous demandiez, le coup des sms "votre colis a été envoyé", c'est une campagne de phishing menée par un groupe de hackers avec un nom trop cool : "roaming mantis"

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Write free and open source software in an ancom way, not a libertarian way

general protection fault? whew, at least it's not a specific protection fault


FOSSbros: "no but actually KF never harassed anyone it's just a spicier version of 4ch from what I know"

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in a GitHub repo issue
Random douchebag: "yo Null, my man, this project is so good for you"
Null: "you're right! I sent shit coin over from my wallet to you repo owner, so you can improve your infrastructure!"
Owner: "Fuck off I will literally block the IPs of your hellhole site from using my tool"
FOSSbros: "that's not very FOSS of you, when has politics overtaken FOSS? Thumb down, will fork"

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