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furry art, ref sheet 

I finally have a reference sheet! Sorta complete, sorta not, I still plan on adding stuff in the future.


#StopLoiSécuritéGlobale | Il a été bcp question de l’art 24 car il est anti-démocratique, mais les dangers techno-sécuritaires des art. 21 (#caméraspiéton) & 22 (#surveillance #drones) participent de la même logique et sont eux-aussi extrêmement dangereux.


CITIES SKYLINE: on continue l'université de droite et le développement de la ville viendez!

Hey everyone, me and my boyfriend @Stereoscopic need to replace our bed as soon as possible. We are both heavy so we need a sturdy, high end bed that will last us long and allow us to sleep well, as the poor quality of our sleep currently has a negative effect on our health and well-being.

We cannot afford such an expense by ourselves just now so we are making a PayPal pool if people want to help us. Please consider helping if you can!

Boosts appreciated.

ooh there's a mastodon sharing option for Advent of code now

Advent of code 

I just completed "Password Philosophy" - Day 2 - Advent of Code 2020


Je cherche un logement en collocation en région parisienne à partir de début février

De préférence avec des meufs / personnes LGBTI

Ma présentation est épinglée sur mon profil si jamais

Boosts appréciés

:boost_ok: BIPOC companies to order from instead of LUSH 

Indigenous-owned skincare companies (scroll down to beauty/skincare/health):

Black-owned skincare companies:
in Portland:

Feel free to reply with more!

mastodon feature request re: follow requests 

tell me whether I already sent a follow request that was denied

I'm never sure if my follow request got denied, or I misremembered whether I sent one at all

blender tutorials be like
Animate a crowd in 23 seconds! [00:33]
Selecting an object Part 1 [31:53]

Remember, you don't have to be "out" to be trans/enby/queer and worthy of love and pride. Do what's safest and right for you, and there will be folks out there supporting you.

Take care! :da_cuddle:

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us health insurance reminder 

in case anyone missed it: open enrollment for ACA health plans is open until December 15th!

graphic artists! is a 3D model for a character without complex shading a suitable reference?

You rock, Elliot Page, and all you other awesome trans and enby folks out there.

:heart_trans: #TransRights :heart_trans:

So much love! :heart_hands:

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