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furry art, ref sheet 

I finally have a reference sheet! Sorta complete, sorta not, I still plan on adding stuff in the future.

My disabled ass is having trouble pulling together for the last few days of crowdfunding on GoToSocial, so if anyone want to help us get to £500 total donations, that would be amazing!

You can share about the project on your own, or if you have a particularly favorite post from the official account over on @gotosocial boost it!

Or you know, just go to the Open Collective and donate today!

#OpenCollective #CrowdFunding #ActivityPub #GTS #GoToSocial

Check out my friend Dharsy’s stream who is a cute dragon VTuber streaming Rhythm Doctor today

Remember the OST for I Am Bread? I do. It's highly underrated.

Pro tip: Put #koreader on any ol e reader device and you have an open source digital library / reader behemoth ! Easily one of the coolest open source projects out there.

recherche psychologue Rennes, boost appréciés 

Bonjour, ma psychologue part en congé maternité et ne sera pas disponible pendant plusieurs, je cherche donc un·e psychologue trans-friendly sur Rennes, de préférence fasse des séances à distance pour le suivi à moyen/long terme.

i knew about the "good" meaning but i had no idea that my name was literally "good girl"

how did this happen

I was not ready to discover that matrix has a /me command, exactly as IRC did

uspol, conspiracy theories, qanon 

Q has started posting again, after going silent in December 2020.

(birdsite link to a trusted researcher of online far right ideology's reaction)

ok it's tomorrow, as it turns out that i'm not under any obligation regarding to US law & u can hit me up for a free account

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USA politics 

if you or someone you know is seeking any kind of reporductive health care in the USA the #EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) recently posted a guide with security and privacy tips to help improve safety when looking for these services

hope this helps someone

I think that since most of the people who read your timeline here are often leftists people who are concerned by the current political issues, it would be good to both :

-Add correct Content Warning to your messages.

-Do not share messages without the appropriate Content Warning.

It has been said many times.

I know how the political climate is harsh and very ominous.

But maybe don't put it in the face of people who are victims of it, without them being able to avoid it (except by blocking you, which you might not want, and they might not want to do so).

Though, reminder it's about protecting the people in your communities that are victims of the said oppressions, not preventing those minorities to express themselves for comfort of priviledged people.

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