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Moral of the day : never update the NVidia driver.

Hey #MastoArt people!
#DailySketchChallenge is starting anew in may.
Share your sketches (or more finished art), suiting (or not) the topics, on a daily (or not) basis 😁

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You either take the blue pill, and get the dot product, or you can take the red pill, and we can see just how long this gaussian elimination takes

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⚠️ policy announcement - please re-boost ⚠️ is changing its age policy -- we will be raising the minimum age for service from 13 to 18.

Read our official policy update here:

why is it called awakening Cthulhu and not cracking open an old one with the boys

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Am I the only one unable to fetch stuff from the development websites? both and are up (I can ping them) but I get zero response to web/git queries.

Me: Look I elaborated on a sketch! It has lining and colours and-
Also me: All you did was ruin a perfectly good looking sketch! Look, it has holes now!

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