beep beep I'm a fax

beep beep I'm a fax

countless generations of scientists ascribing beautiful, poetic, and rigorous names to awe-inspiring phenomena

then some folks from Alberta formally discover something and call it β€œSteve”

Get yourself a tail big enough to be your own body pillow.

I tried to use a regular computer mouse for the first time in almost five months now, only to realize I had somehow become mouse-wise left-handed since last time I used one.

shout-out to my trans brothers and non-binary siblings who aren't women, but still get their assigned gender shoved in their faces on International Women's Day

shout-out to my trans sisters and non-binary siblings who are women (or caucus with women) but are feeling like they're on the outside looking in on International Women's Day

Gentle reminder to people unfamiliar with trans matters:
- do not ask for pre-transition names (aka deadnames)
- do not ask about what's between our legs
- respect people's preferred pronouns (if you don't know, ask them, asking this is polite!)
- do not stare at us as if we were zoo animals
- just use common sense and politeness
- do not be afraid of taking about other things than gender. We already think about it often enough, so, we also like to chat about other things :)

salut mastodon, je recherche un moyen d'acheter environ 200 clef usb de 250/512 Mo pour le moins chere possible.

Tu aurais une idΓ©e de comment ne pas dΓ©penser toute ma caf ?

Boost mΓ©ga apprΓ©ciΓ©, looove

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my car is lonely and wants to go play with the other cars

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