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furry art, ref sheet 

I finally have a reference sheet! Sorta complete, sorta not, I still plan on adding stuff in the future.

hey, my tshirt designs are on sale for the holidays! get really cool hacking shirts or apparel and support me a tiny bit in the process

(more designs in the store)

Un peu de kerbal en stream psk sa faisais longtemps.
On commence une nouvelle sauvegarde moins vnr que les dernières pour se focus sur l'explo, viendez! 😤

Here is another pic. I was inspecting their fence today, and they were following me from their side.

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Ça vous dit je vous délivre l'adresse IP de La Fracture cet aprem a 15h ? :)
N'oubliez pas, Vanilla 1.18 pour l'instant (Je prévois quand ça sera stable de passer sur Paper)
Les versions crackées devraient marcher également

ADHD, Operating System, shitpost 

Revolutionary! Introducing : the ADHD process scheduling algorithm, with features such as :

  • Fast, repeated preemptive switching when tasks are remembered by the OS
  • Random discarding of tasks when the scheduler doesn't see them for long enough
  • "Focus" mode, where the scheduler focuses on one task for one to an indefinite amount of time quanta, disabling task switching altogether, as well as self maintenance routines (randomly enabled)
  • "Apprehensive stunlock" mode, where the scheduler, informed about an upcoming important task, prevents the scheduling of anything on the CPU to make sure you are ready when the big task happens
  • "Ugghhh" mode, where the scheduler just loses it and the list of ready processes becomes a blurry list and the priority field is ignored.

Anyone knows an artist that would be open for commissioning an icon set for medical-related stuff ? I'm searching for linear-style icons to symbolize various forms of drug intake.

boosts appreciated

Vous utilisez #Spotify ?

Passez votre playlist de 2021 dans Merch Table :

Le site trouve automatiquement les albums disponibles sur Bandcamp, et vous pouvez les acheter demain pour #BandcampFriday (ou des produits dérivés, ou autre chose !) et enfin donner une vraie rémunération à vos artistes préféré·es, sans commission d'une plate-forme !

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