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furry art, ref sheet 

bit urgent need for financial help, boosts appreciated 

CW meta: "Public Sexual Harassment" 

Public Sexual Harassment(-) 


⚠️ les personnes de Nancy ⚠️
Une fille a disparue hier soir sur Nancy et plus personne n’a de nouvelles
il y a sa description et le numéro à appeler si vous la croiser ou avez des informations qui pourraient aider ses proches
RT svp

Why does a public still matter?
Spoiler: beyond books, it's making and available to all, not just the rich & clever. (5m)

Boosts are very appreciated, please and thank you! I’ve opened up quick comms once again this time for food/fuel to Kumoricon! I need an extra helping hand to ensure I have enough funds to get to the show! So I’m offering up icons for $12 (or 4 ko-fis):

After the ko-fis are given you should see the link to the form but in case it doesn't, here is the form:

#mastoart #art #creativetoots #commissions #commissionsopen #digitalart #kofi

We decided with a friend not to tell the teacher about it so that future generations of students could also enjoy the marvelous physical pain we felt while trying not to burst out laughing when the teacher read that
Fun fact: even people who will graduate this year remember it

When I try to focus this image from one of the classes we have in English comes to haunt me

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