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furry art, ref sheet 

I finally have a reference sheet! Sorta complete, sorta not, I still plan on adding stuff in the future.

general protection fault? whew, at least it's not a specific protection fault


FOSSbros: "no but actually KF never harassed anyone it's just a spicier version of 4ch from what I know"

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in a GitHub repo issue
Random douchebag: "yo Null, my man, this project is so good for you"
Null: "you're right! I sent shit coin over from my wallet to you repo owner, so you can improve your infrastructure!"
Owner: "Fuck off I will literally block the IPs of your hellhole site from using my tool"
FOSSbros: "that's not very FOSS of you, when has politics overtaken FOSS? Thumb down, will fork"

not an iced coffee gay or a monster energy drink gay, but a secret third thing

On attaque Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart ce soir en stream :shiro_smile:
Heure TBA, quand il aura terminé de s'installer :shiro_thinking:​ (c'est la modernité u___u)

Session de l'aprem sur stardew psk le temps est nul et que ce jeu est chaud comme un bon plaid avec chocolat chaud en bonus

ironic shitpost 

new team management tool everyone

really accurate ! try it out
abolish horny jail, abolish the horny carceral system, and abolish the horny industrial complex

Nintendo is shutting down its Image Share service for the 3DS and WIi U on October 25, so I've been working on my free and open-source alternative, which doesn't require any homebrew modding.

It was already better than Nintendo's web app, but now it has a shiny new logo and a few minor fixes!

cagnotte soutien femme trans 

Nous partageons la cagnotte d'Éléonore qui a besoin d'aide pour survivre

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest

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