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furry art, ref sheet 

I finally have a reference sheet! Sorta complete, sorta not, I still plan on adding stuff in the future.

The joint for my X230's monitor felt kinda lose (the monitor would vibrate as I typed) so today I learned how to disassemble it entirely.

Then I figured out I only had to tighten two pairs of screws and all is well now.

Intellivision Amico PSA, white supremacy 

In case you were curious about this console...

The CEO of Intellivision, Tommy Tallarico, follows white supremacists on Twitter and calls critics of the Amico 'communists' and 'gaming racists' (lol)

Furthermore, the console has dubious specs, a dubious release timeline, expects an insane cut of developer revenue ('about 50%') and has possibly been misleading its investors.

missing person, please share 

my friend's cousin has been missing for a week. he called his mother and told her he was in crisis but he disappeared before she arrived at his location. please share on and off masto especially if you are in the DC area

Name: Ian Solheim
Age: 32
Missing From: Washington, DC area;
1000 Block of Lamont Street. Northwest I
Date Missing:July 28, 2021
Physical Description
White Male
Height: 6'3'
Weight: 185
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Light Brown

Twitch Stream 

I am once again probably going to hate myself. Unless it goes quick, only one seed today then more Judgement!

There's a Schmoo on top of the coffee machine and when you approach she flops upside down #mastocats

Gross shitpost, subtoot 

Farting in bed for science

Syringe, blood, CW 

Please, stop using the syringe emoji without CW (it means you shouldn't put it in you TN either)

It has blood on it, it is a syringe: it is triggering people.

#MastoAdmin is Mastodon compatible with Ruby 3 ? Would running it Ruby 3 show some performance improvements?

transphobia, reddit 

You can smell the transphobia in r/periods by this rule alone

My lesbian road trip RPG "Get in the Car, Loser!" will be coming out this September! Learn more at

Why does the official iOS app for Mastodon not work for (1/3) 

Hey there! Your instance admin with some sort of official statement concerning the compatibility of the official iOS Mastodon with

So, after having a friend test it for me, creating an account on with the official iOS app does not work, as this error shows up.

The technical reason behind this is that the server is running a customized version of a Mastodon fork called glitch-soc, and one of the modifications I’ve made is dummying out the API calls to create an account that the application uses, so that sign-ups can only be done through the home web page using a hCaptcha verification.

This is a measure to fight against automated spambot sign-ups, something that is unfortunately being targeted with a lot, sometimes dozens an hour without any measures, which (cont)

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