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furry art, ref sheet 

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hi and welcome to the family-friendly part of the fediverse

and by "family" we mean "chosen family and friends and comrades"

and by "friendly" we mean "welcoming of sexuality and all the other ways in which we express our true selves"

- Administration GNU/Linux "Junior"
- 45/50K€/an
- Si Possible Paris
- Pas de Banque, D'Assurances ou de Marchands de mort
- Dispo à compter du Lundi 24/06
- CV sur demande
Merci :mastodon: Boost apprécié 😃

Hey, I moved to a different instance! Please follow me over there as well! ♥


Hey people, just a quick reminder I am on Pokémon GO!
My code is 4492 5967 7242.

Lewd, kink 

Just a reminder for Pride that you can help support a trans creator and get some lovely pride accessories at the same time!

Chainmail keychains in pride colors, stretch bracelets, and more available on my Etsy! Don't see a design you want? Ask for a custom commission at no extra cost!

@everyone: thank you for your assistance in reporting The Spammer. We're clicking “suspend” as fast as we can until we can get a technical solution in place. New accounts currently require approval, so they won’t be spamming from v.c any time soon.

:trans_heart:​, @mxsparks

cont: fedi meta, spam bot 

fedi meta, curses directed at bad people, spam bot 


@DisneyDream/ is a spambot showing up on multiple instances, they're a bot spouting really shitty stuff that I screenshotted in this post:

To all instance admins: If you have a user registered under that username, check in on them and ban them!

Today I

- kept hurting a brand
- put my face, fursona and the Philly pride flag on the most watched TV news program of the country on the biggest channel

nsfw furry artwork (boost appreciated) 

Actually, I thought to myself that I should start and follow some tutorials on the fundamentals of traditional sketching/drawing and digital painting before I keep making drawings, but it's been way too long and I can't keep waiting.

Tomorrow I gotta draw, I haven't sit down at my desk and drawn for a full session in almost three weeks 😥

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