Phones should have an option to let the caller choose to go straight to voicemail without worry that the the phone will be answered.

Programming haiku, war 

fighting, war = True, True
local function searching_for()
war = with_peaceful end

while( fighting and war )
do nation, people = "hurt", "hurt"
searching_for( an ) end

TIL Kate can edit gzipped text files directly.

Reasons a pile of gold is the perfect bed (brief food mention) 

  • Soft and firm at the same time
  • Shapes to the body, making it good for side, back, and front sleepers
  • Gold comes in many shapes and sizes, to support bodies of many shapes and sizes
  • Naturally cool and disperses body heat
  • Can be heated for warmth
  • If it loses its shape, it can be pushed back into place
  • Can be any size
  • Snacks come to you without having to get up

There's a
Where's ?

๐Ÿ† Printed a document correctly on the second try.

#food #apples 

I had a cosmic crisp today. It's a really good apple. The name delivers.

It's sweet like they promise and a little sour, but not to the point that hurts a little like other apples. It's very crisp.

It has a stronger smell than I'm used to. The galas I usually get don't have a very strong smell, but it might be because this one was warm. It smells almost like the traditional scented candle apple, with a little pumpkin.

They seem to have a good balance between all the appley flavors, while mitigating the bad ones, so I expect there's something in it anyone could enjoy. A good general purpose apple without being dull in any particular area.

The Outer Worlds (digital rpg) 

Last week I got to play The Outer Worlds.

I made a character who's a big dumb brute so I could see the unique dialogue options for a dumb character. He was super strong and could take lots of damage unphased.

His main combat strategy was to sprint into the center of a group of enemies and wack an explosive barrel. It worked surprisingly well.

He could sense when enemies were nearby through his bullet sense. When he feels bullets hitting him, there's enemies nearby.

Somehow despite being too dumb to use guns, he was still an okay engineer who fixed things with percussive maintenance.

He died trying to sprint across a river of lava. He almost made it.

Instances could use them to set up permanent rooms that loop featured local content, or rooms dedicated to certain topics that include videos from federated instances. Users could tune in like a tv channel to discover new content, or want to watch something but don't have something specific in mind, and meet others in chat to talk with about it.

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could benefit from integrating watch parties/rooms. Having multiple users cue together to watch the same videos would ensure the peer-to-peer aspect is getting used.

Olive the Other Reindeer (#Christmas special, major spoiler explaining above) 

The main character Olive is a dog who realizes she behaves differently from other dogs and begins to believe she is a reindeer.

Along the way she meets a variety of characters who react to this in a variety of ways, from positive to negative to indifferent.

At the end, even though she admits she knows she is physically a dog, the other characters (including reindeer) accept and celebrate her for who she is.

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Olive the Other Reindeer (#Christmas special, minor spoiler) 

Olive the Other Reindeer is a pleasantly /#otherkin positive Christmas special.

Pokespeak encryption test 

Readable pokespeak made using Oversec, with randomly generated pikaspeak set as the dummy text for invisible encoding.

Password is "pokespeak" if you want to see it yourself~

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Pokespeak encryption test 

๓ „ฟ๓ …ƒ๓ „ณ๓ …ซ๓ „‚๓ …ฉ๏ธŠ๓ …ง๏ธˆ๏ธ…๓ „‚๓ …ฃ๏ธ‰๓ †ฆ๓ „ก๏ธ‚๓ †ฃ๓ ‡œ๓ †€๓ …—๓ †‚๓ „‚๓ „€๓ †„๓ †œ๓ …“๓ …๓ †ญ๓ ‡ค๓ „œ๓ …ฃ๓ …ด๓ „•๓ †พ๓ „š๓ †๓ „•๏ธ‰๓ †œ๓ „Š๏ธˆ๓ „ถ๓ †Ÿ๏ธŽ๓ ‡†๓ „ฏ๓ …ท๓ ‡„๓ †ง๓ „’๓ „ผ๓ „ฌ๓ †๓ ‡—๓ …ƒ๓ †บ๓ „Ÿ๓ …ˆ๓ „น๓ „ฝ๓ „ธ๓ ‡‹๓ …ช๓ ‡๓ „ผ๓ „ก๏ธ๓ …๓ ‡‚๓ …ต๓ „ฃ๓ †๏ธŒ๓ …œ๓ ‡ข๓ †ผ๓ „ฃ๓ „พ๓ „ก๓ †ฝ๓ …ป๓ ‡๓ …ถ๓ †ญ๏ธŒ๓ …•๓ „˜๓ †€๓ †—๓ „๏ธ„๓ †ป๓ †ฎ๓ ‡๓ ‡ซ๓ „‡๓ „ฌ๓ „‹๏ธŽ๓ ‡๓ ‡Ÿ๓ …จ๓ †‚๓ „ง๓ ‡ฉ๓ …ƒ๓ ‡ ๓ ‡ก๓ †ƒ๓ „”๓ „จ๓ „’๓ …œ๓ …ช๓ „ž๓ „ฝ๓ †๓ †ฆ๓ „“๓ †…๏ธƒ๓ „•๓ …บ๓ †ข๓ …Œ๓ ‡ฅ๓ ‡… kachu-pika-chu pika-pika pi-ka-chu-chu piikaa. chuu-pika-pi

Since there seems to be interest, I've begun formalizing rules for the . Please feel free to suggest improvements (or a better place to host than Google).

I plan to try it myself after the holidays to look for loopholes. (I expect to be busy until then and would not normally watch , which would be against the spirit of the challenge.)

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This is similar to "TV-Free Week" (Screen-Free Week), for Youtube. It wouldn't be enough to stop Youtube on its own, but will help people find alternatives.

Look at the websites of your favorite creators. Find independant communities around topics you enjoy. Download anything in advance so you don't have to return.

With less people dependant on it, it will be easier to let it go.

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This removes the time dependancy/deadline, not requiring mobilizing several people at the same time, while also increasing its longevity by having new people constantly trying, or people trying to break their own streeks.

Some users might use Youtube more on certain days of the week (especially weekends). By making it a full week, this makes it harder to choose only days they wouldn't use it anyways.

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The could be more effective rebranded as a . Challenge yourself to not use Youtube for a full week. Extend the challenge by competing for the longest day streek.

Participants can use the time seeking out alternatives for how they use Youtube now. It will help them become mindful of how dependant on it they and websites have become (no embedded players either), as well as build a positive cultural attitude around abstaining from Youtube.

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