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The Outer Worlds (digital rpg) 

Instances could use them to set up permanent rooms that loop featured local content, or rooms dedicated to certain topics that include videos from federated instances. Users could tune in like a tv channel to discover new content, or want to watch something but don't have something specific in mind, and meet others in chat to talk with about it.

#Peertube could benefit from integrating watch parties/rooms. Having multiple users cue together to watch the same videos would ensure the peer-to-peer aspect is getting used.

Olive the Other Reindeer (#Christmas special, major spoiler explaining above) 

Olive the Other Reindeer (#Christmas special, minor spoiler) 

Pokespeak encryption test 

Pokespeak encryption test 

Since there seems to be interest, I've begun formalizing rules for the . Please feel free to suggest improvements (or a better place to host than Google).


I plan to try it myself after the holidays to look for loopholes. (I expect to be busy until then and would not normally watch , which would be against the spirit of the challenge.)




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I love really in-depth analysis on needlessly specific and non-trivial things.

I'm glad nudges/buzzing are no longer features of messengers.

Zelena awooed
Zelena awooed

make your april fools jokes unobtrusive and obvious

Arch Linux community complaint 

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