Old dog, new trick. I’m even going to try putting a Colemak DH layer on it and try teaching myself that. And yes, I’ve hated QWERTY for decades, just never took the time to try and learn something else.

Apple’s failure in iOS 15 is tying Focus modes to Do Not Disturb when DND should be an option for Focus modes. Another “feature” that misses the mark for me.

If you’re in charge of your company’s/school’s iPad deployment, for the planet’s sake, please decommission them properly before recycling them. All of these are headed for recycle instead of reuse.

So in order to maintain compliance in my industry my boss has to refresh my training annually on the job position that I created and trained him on. So now I have to create the training materials my boss will use to train me.

This is so fucked up.

What the hell are they putting in Lunchables these days?

Family game night the past few weeks has been Clank! We’re preparing to play the Legacy version of the game but I really don’t like it. I’m very frustrated with the mechanics of the game.

Neat little charging stand. A whole lot cheaper than Apple’s travel charger thingy.

Got my replacement Keurig. Saying goodbye to Ambassador Kosh (left) and hello to...Ambassador Kosh.

I figured it was only fitting.

RIP Ambassador Kosh, we've enjoyed many a coffee together these last couple of years. Sad to see you go.

As long as it was legal, if Trump paid no income tax, it's not a mark against him, it's indicative of messed up tax law. I don't know a single person who won't take advantage of every last deduction available to them.

Fair Tax anyone?

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