Got a chance to upgrade from a 2015 13” MacBook Pro 8gb i5 to a 2015 15” 16gb i7 for $125 difference. Is it worth it?

New/old toy for the desk. Got it for a song given the glass damage in the upper left, doesn’t even affect the screen.

Amir all the Area 51 raid crap, I just want to wish everyone a happy Unification Day.

Most of the time my parents seem really sharp. The. Occasionally I see them share something really goofy on Facebook as if it’s the truth. And not just opinion pieces, sometimes it’s just raw math or logic.

Hanging at the repair shop, getting new brakes, listening to some guy talk to himself.

Finally broke down and bought a new waffle iron yesterday. All of $10. So, yummy waffles for breakfast today. I should have dumped my old waffle iron years ago.

‪Do not touch Apple Card. Do not look directly at Apple Card. Apple Card may stick to certain types of skin. Do not taunt . ‬

If I take too much Zantac do I get acid influx instead of reflux?

Good day at the range today. Next year I'm going to have to ante up for the annual membership.

Also stopped on the way home and bought a bottle of Parker Quink Blue-Black for the Parker 51 fountain pen I scored this past weekend.

Good Thursday. I may just take Friday off.

How I log onto my MacBook in the morning: Put on watch, look at phone, open computer.

Whenever Discord says "Optimizing the People" I always read it in King Julian's voice from Madagascar.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.

At A&W for lunch. Waiter was taking his first order using a Surface tablet. If he really had to push that many buttons to enter my order, it’s a complete failure. I could have handwritten it out with less effort. Plus 2 employees had no idea how to set the machine to use Apple Pay despite tons of advertising in the store showing support for Apple Pay. Definitely stuck in the 60s. And this place was built in the last decade.

And your reply shows up with a content warning in Mast. Weird behavior. I sent in a support request. (Posted this from Tootdon to prevent recursive content warning confusion).

But if I look at it in another app, no content warning.

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