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Present me: "You need to go plug your scooter in, and start some laundry for tomorrow."

Also present me: "Too much like the right thing to do. Five more minutes."

Have you ever missed the idea of something, but not the actual something the idea is based on?

That's me with Final Fantasy XIV right now. I like the idea of a vast, sweeping story with stuff to do in it. I especially liked the concept of crafting stuff that others can go use.

I don't care in the slightest for the implementation that makes it pointless to be a Monk once you get through the original storyline stuff, and are FORCED to play with 23 others at the same time to get to the next area for crafting supplies, of which players are either a technicolor death ray show, or a technicolor healing show, or able to just eat the damage.

Melee DPS, at least as MNK, feel like they are getting shat on. Try to get up on something that needs to die, and the light show just made you waste your ability to close the gap, which is now on enough cooldown to make you wish you hadn't used it.

Intriguingly, I got my Anarchy Online account back... and I just can't stand playing it anymore. Crafting is very much shoehorned into one or two professions, neither of which I play, and the playerbase just isn't *there* to bother playing.

Mental funk. 

I came home from work last night, promptly stripped, and laid in bed.
I took no medicine, slept fitfully, didn't eat dinner, and just relaxed, for varying terms of 'relax'.

I really need to get up, now that it's ten in the morning, and get to the post office. I bought shoes I can't fucking wear, and can at least get a credit for them.

But I can't get out of bed.
It requires clothes to go places.

If you have a cellphone seized by a law enforcement agency or other TLA, chances are they'll use Cellbrite's wares to sift through your data.

Here, Signal analyses Cellebrite's software's own security. Want to guess how good it is? =:)

(*Love* the coda, too)

Broken projects stack. 

I cannot monotask. My brain right now is incapable of picking one task to complete.

I cannot figure out why my blog won't federate, and hasn't for fifteen months now.

I can't find any simple, plausible instructions for migrating to Caddy from Apache, because I think it'll be a better fit on the machine I'm running it on.

The display I had harvested to use with my smart mirror project doesn't seem to work, and I can't identify whether it's the display itself that's broken, or if it's the board I'm using with the display to do things that's busted.

I really wanted to sit down and learn CSS grids, so I can finish updating my first website ever.

I want to get as much of my mail that's currently destined for my .us domain migrated either backward to my legacy .net domain, or forward to my .blue or .top domains so I can stop paying for a domain that doesn't let me hide my fucking address in whois data.

I just want my vaccine for this current nightmare, and to be allowed to travel and see my partner, 'cause I miss them. :(

I'm hitting the edge of my temper activation zone right now. This is frustrating. I CANNOT monotask, and multitasking is generating so much brain noise that it's also frustrating.

AEIOURGH. :battery_underflow:​

Kink (Pumping)+ 

So, I recently got a Monster Sphere in the mail to upgrade my pumping game after realizing that the guys at Monster Tube will not likely ever dip below the $300 mark for their hinged setup.

With postage, I was under the $200 mark for the Sphere, and I've been in the thing for the early part of the afternoon. I'm going to have to take a break and fix some food soon, because blood glucose is dropping, but holy fuck, this thing is fun. I doubt I will ever grow large enough to fully fill the sphere, but if I do, it'll be a total goal.

Birthday (in a month)+ 

It's the first of March somewhere.

As is my custom, I mention my birthday about a month in advance, because otherwise it gets lost in the noise of bullshit jokes that happen on April 1st.

Why yes, it'll be my 39th birthday in a month's time.

That's all. :)

Fun tidbit: In the real world, I have minimal interest in automobiles and other vehicles.
If it is not all electric, or at least a really good hybrid, I don't have a particular want for the vehicle.

Related: Any company that only sells me an expensive as hell perpetual license to operate the vehicle and retains the ability to make changes to the vehicle OVER THE AIR with OR WITHOUT my expressed consent is a non-option.

That is why I have πŸ’™ for Arcimoto, and mostly salt for Tesla. None of this update-over-the-air mess for me, thanks.

On the other hand, I want to go hooning about in Forza Horizon 4, maybe slide around a roundabout to Fred V & Grafix's "Sunrise", peg the go juice button right as the beat drops into a straightaway and watch the beastmobile that is the Rimac Concept 2 eat all contenders, and then relax with some Dyson Sphere Project or Cities: Skylines.
It will be beneficial, however, to actually go do the class assignment FIRST, however. So I will go eat, plug my e-scooter in, and then do the work.

... and order a replacement helmet. Holy crap, I need one, since my previous one was stolen by some turd in December.

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I need to get out of bed posthaste. I have a writing assignment due for school in a couple of days, and I haven't even figured out how to start it. I looked at it last night, and my brain said "absolutely not, Xial. You are tired. Go the f🌘k to sleep."

Medical - (somewhat gross, somewhat worrisome) 

Two things.

I am hating wearing a face mask at work right now. My burps have consistently smelled like sulfur or vomit for the past few days, and now I have no choice but to smell them. Urgh.

Also, my blood glucose tripped the dangerously low zone on my meter three times in the last 18 hours, but I have so little appetite as to make things worrisome.

Oh, and I haven't slept properly in the last 12 hours. x_x

This amuses me so, so much.

My housemate bought a Nintendo Switch a few months ago, and got that Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.

Note: I've not played a Zelda game to completion since A LINK TO THE PAST.

He keeps asking me for help with those shrine puzzles, and I keep solving them by looking at them and spitting out a solution.

He suspects me of witchcraft.

No. It's technomancy.

Domain musings, name-expensives, and porkbuns. 

Looking a lot more like I'm moving my domains from Namecheap to Porkbun.

Price increases to maintain infrastructure are one thing, but this feels less like an infrastructure cost bump and more like a novelty domain cash grab.

The latest move? -- it's become a somewhat integral part of my identity now, and $17 a year to keep my dot-blue? Ouch. It actually becomes cheaper to take a damned dot-com over that, and that makes no sense.

Meanwhile, I keep wanting to ramp down my .us domain usage, and I have just one left. I might just migrate almost all of that email usage into my domain, as it's paid for the next few years at a fantastic rate through Porkbun.

Also, .us is bad: You cannot use a service to anonymize your information, and ICANN demands real info when setting things up. So yeah, you can see where I live from a simple whois, with a little too much fidelity.

(these bricks will be flammable, and are for burning as heat. Why throw away all those Damnazon and Wallymart boxes, when they give you free fuel for heating with most purchases?)

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I sort of want to build my own hydraulic press with a bottle jack. Seems to be straight forward enough. All I want it for is to compress moulds filled with paper/cardboard pulp for brick making.


Those of you who get the joke, yeah, that's about how I feel...

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