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Birthday (in a month)+ 

It's the first of March somewhere.

As is my custom, I mention my birthday about a month in advance, because otherwise it gets lost in the noise of bullshit jokes that happen on April 1st.

Why yes, it'll be my 39th birthday in a month's time.

That's all. :)

Fun tidbit: In the real world, I have minimal interest in automobiles and other vehicles.
If it is not all electric, or at least a really good hybrid, I don't have a particular want for the vehicle.

Related: Any company that only sells me an expensive as hell perpetual license to operate the vehicle and retains the ability to make changes to the vehicle OVER THE AIR with OR WITHOUT my expressed consent is a non-option.

That is why I have πŸ’™ for Arcimoto, and mostly salt for Tesla. None of this update-over-the-air mess for me, thanks.

On the other hand, I want to go hooning about in Forza Horizon 4, maybe slide around a roundabout to Fred V & Grafix's "Sunrise", peg the go juice button right as the beat drops into a straightaway and watch the beastmobile that is the Rimac Concept 2 eat all contenders, and then relax with some Dyson Sphere Project or Cities: Skylines.
It will be beneficial, however, to actually go do the class assignment FIRST, however. So I will go eat, plug my e-scooter in, and then do the work.

... and order a replacement helmet. Holy crap, I need one, since my previous one was stolen by some turd in December.

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I need to get out of bed posthaste. I have a writing assignment due for school in a couple of days, and I haven't even figured out how to start it. I looked at it last night, and my brain said "absolutely not, Xial. You are tired. Go the f🌘k to sleep."

Medical - (somewhat gross, somewhat worrisome) 

Two things.

I am hating wearing a face mask at work right now. My burps have consistently smelled like sulfur or vomit for the past few days, and now I have no choice but to smell them. Urgh.

Also, my blood glucose tripped the dangerously low zone on my meter three times in the last 18 hours, but I have so little appetite as to make things worrisome.

Oh, and I haven't slept properly in the last 12 hours. x_x

This amuses me so, so much.

My housemate bought a Nintendo Switch a few months ago, and got that Zelda: Breath of the Wild game.

Note: I've not played a Zelda game to completion since A LINK TO THE PAST.

He keeps asking me for help with those shrine puzzles, and I keep solving them by looking at them and spitting out a solution.

He suspects me of witchcraft.

No. It's technomancy.

Domain musings, name-expensives, and porkbuns. 

Looking a lot more like I'm moving my domains from Namecheap to Porkbun.

Price increases to maintain infrastructure are one thing, but this feels less like an infrastructure cost bump and more like a novelty domain cash grab.

The latest move? -- it's become a somewhat integral part of my identity now, and $17 a year to keep my dot-blue? Ouch. It actually becomes cheaper to take a damned dot-com over that, and that makes no sense.

Meanwhile, I keep wanting to ramp down my .us domain usage, and I have just one left. I might just migrate almost all of that email usage into my domain, as it's paid for the next few years at a fantastic rate through Porkbun.

Also, .us is bad: You cannot use a service to anonymize your information, and ICANN demands real info when setting things up. So yeah, you can see where I live from a simple whois, with a little too much fidelity.

(these bricks will be flammable, and are for burning as heat. Why throw away all those Damnazon and Wallymart boxes, when they give you free fuel for heating with most purchases?)

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I sort of want to build my own hydraulic press with a bottle jack. Seems to be straight forward enough. All I want it for is to compress moulds filled with paper/cardboard pulp for brick making.


Those of you who get the joke, yeah, that's about how I feel...

But what boggles me is just how much Mario Kart 8 Deluxe costs. $60 new? Yikes. Does Nintendo never run sales on older games or something?

I bought a Tendo Swish.

And now I have a friend trying to make me buy Smash for the Switch. I don't like Smash.

I am going to have a busy, busy day tomorrow-today. Work, therapy, and washing a blanket for my first acupuncture session. Blanket spent too much time in the closet, so has that stuffy smell.

... I want a pair of gloves that can livestream video from the palms of my hands if I hold my hands up. Don't care about my phone's data plan, just blast that shit straight to the internet from both cameras.

Sexual Kinks and Mastodon lament :boost_ok:​ 

It's safe to say there's not an instance that focuses on pumping and saline use, which makes me kinda sad.

I need to figure out what the hell Scaleway is going to do to my costs as they're doing away with capping; If it doesn't really affect me much, maybe spin up a machine and try to get something established on it for pumpers and saline users.

Fetlife, as a social network, is extra stagnant on it, with little to no relevant posts in MONTHS, despite there being a boom in pump tube acquisitions in just this year alone.
And then there's PumpPig, which lacks the social aspect, and is just for hooking up.

But to wit PumpToys has been backordered or sold out of any tube I'd be interested in (I like big ones).

The only other tube I would buy for pumping is fucking $350 with shipping. A bit much!

But I'd bet there's a community of pumpers that have old tubes they've outgrown and would trade at a decent value to newer pumpers that are looking for the right hardware. They don't have to be furries. They just have to be pumpers or saline users.

I have a purchasing decision to make.
I returned my Saris cycling trainer because it wasn't what I needed. For $288, the features it offered could be found in other trainers half its price OR LOWER.
(Read: it was supposed to offer speed/cadence with the sensor, but it isn't calibratable, and results in me looking like I'm doing 20+ mph in Rouvy.)

So now I have a credit in my Damnazon account for this thing to burn off.
I could do at least one of the things on the poll with the balance.

I've put off the CPU purchase for several months, but right now I'm running on a Ryzen 3 3200G. Purchasing the 5 3600 would have its benefits, and I could then take the 3 3200G and put it on another motherboard I have, buy a stick of RAM and a solid state drive, and have a spare computer for the living room to potentially play Stepmania and other games on.

The drawing tablet would be really nice to have, but it would be questionable how much use I'd get from it.

The cycling trainer could still be useful in getting me to possibly exercise again, though acquisition of a proper exercise bike is also plausible. It would mean I wouldn't have to lug my real bike in and out of the house.

:boost_ok:​ I'm just looking for a lot of thoughts on this.

Thanks! :)


Can I have a basket full of French fries that are coated in, like, seasoned salt, garlic, pepper, and maybe cheese, please?

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