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But what boggles me is just how much Mario Kart 8 Deluxe costs. $60 new? Yikes. Does Nintendo never run sales on older games or something?

I bought a Tendo Swish.

And now I have a friend trying to make me buy Smash for the Switch. I don't like Smash.

I am going to have a busy, busy day tomorrow-today. Work, therapy, and washing a blanket for my first acupuncture session. Blanket spent too much time in the closet, so has that stuffy smell.

... I want a pair of gloves that can livestream video from the palms of my hands if I hold my hands up. Don't care about my phone's data plan, just blast that shit straight to the internet from both cameras.

Sexual Kinks and Mastodon lament :boost_ok:​ 

It's safe to say there's not an instance that focuses on pumping and saline use, which makes me kinda sad.

I need to figure out what the hell Scaleway is going to do to my costs as they're doing away with capping; If it doesn't really affect me much, maybe spin up a machine and try to get something established on it for pumpers and saline users.

Fetlife, as a social network, is extra stagnant on it, with little to no relevant posts in MONTHS, despite there being a boom in pump tube acquisitions in just this year alone.
And then there's PumpPig, which lacks the social aspect, and is just for hooking up.

But to wit PumpToys has been backordered or sold out of any tube I'd be interested in (I like big ones).

The only other tube I would buy for pumping is fucking $350 with shipping. A bit much!

But I'd bet there's a community of pumpers that have old tubes they've outgrown and would trade at a decent value to newer pumpers that are looking for the right hardware. They don't have to be furries. They just have to be pumpers or saline users.

I have a purchasing decision to make.
I returned my Saris cycling trainer because it wasn't what I needed. For $288, the features it offered could be found in other trainers half its price OR LOWER.
(Read: it was supposed to offer speed/cadence with the sensor, but it isn't calibratable, and results in me looking like I'm doing 20+ mph in Rouvy.)

So now I have a credit in my Damnazon account for this thing to burn off.
I could do at least one of the things on the poll with the balance.

I've put off the CPU purchase for several months, but right now I'm running on a Ryzen 3 3200G. Purchasing the 5 3600 would have its benefits, and I could then take the 3 3200G and put it on another motherboard I have, buy a stick of RAM and a solid state drive, and have a spare computer for the living room to potentially play Stepmania and other games on.

The drawing tablet would be really nice to have, but it would be questionable how much use I'd get from it.

The cycling trainer could still be useful in getting me to possibly exercise again, though acquisition of a proper exercise bike is also plausible. It would mean I wouldn't have to lug my real bike in and out of the house.

:boost_ok:​ I'm just looking for a lot of thoughts on this.

Thanks! :)


Can I have a basket full of French fries that are coated in, like, seasoned salt, garlic, pepper, and maybe cheese, please?

Huh... Something's busted with my blog's activitypub module, it seems. My blog entries on after the first of the year never made it here, so it seems, and that's kind of disappointing.

What's worse is I only JUST noticed this problem.

In October.

And have no idea how to fix this.

This said, a trailer would be ridiculously helpful for me, so that I could take these bags of recycling to the recycling center and get my deposit back. Ten cents a container is worth it when you have probably 170 containers to pitch back. The trailer would be the safer way to haul three bags at once.

I think I understand why bicycle trailers are so frequently stolen now. No one wants to pay $120 for the least expensive model.

I would need donor bicycles to craft something of my own, recycling some of the frame metal, and I still don't know how to weld, lol.

Let's see if I can get more water down my throat today.

And lest y'all forget: Y'all thirsty, drink some dang water.

Relatively lewd, minor politics ref, COVID-adjacent. 

I hate how often politics are rammed down my throat.

If I wanted something rammed down my throat, I'd take a bus to Portland, and fly east to Canada, knock on my boyfriend's door and say "Fuck my throat."

Actually, no, I wouldn't: I'm a responsible meat computer that is staying home to minimize the spread of our pandemic sauce.

Not to say that I wouldn't. I was planning a trip like that before the pandemic showed up at the door.

Well, there's fire. Lots of it. I'm safe, the fires are relatively distant, but they exist.
It was a little spooky to wake up to an orange-red sky, but that was just sun and smoke.

You know what? Y'all need a distraction. Have a picture of a tree with a layer of ice on its branches.

Okay. Surely, there must be an instance in the federation that deals with vacuum pumping, infusion, and related kinks.

Do I have to figure out how to run my own instance to get this? ._.;

Fetish time (cw: needles, saline) 

I'm damn proud of my sack tonight for taking half a liter of saline. I should try for the other half liter, but I'm also tired and don't want to fall asleep while infusing.

Weed Bingo. 

I am currently overthinking the shit out of a reimagined way to play BINGO.

The first version is simply called BONGI. The I and O columns are swapped, with O taking on numbers 16-30, and I taking on numbers 61-75.
Everyone plays with a bong and a strain of weed they like. If you get a BONGI, you get to take a big rip from your bong. If the caller calls numbers from the B, O, N, and G columns in succession (eg: B4, O16, N38, G64), everyone can take a rip from their bong, with or without having those numbers.

If the caller calls B4, O20 in sequence, someone must call "Smoke Weed Everyday." If they do, everyone can have a hit.

One can also call it for O16, O20 called in sequence, because 24 hour to 12 hour conversion. ;)

Play on a board continues until a number equal to half the number of boards in play (minimum) have called a BONGI. Players may have a maximum of three boards in play at once. When a BONGI is called on a board, it is pulled from play, to allow a greater chance for everyone to have a toke.

There were variants for those of us who prefer smoking joints, with modified rules and the ability to hit your joint every time you match a number in the J column (after all, it's called JOINT) replacing the BONG rule.

Haven't worked out DABIT yet: I've never dabbed.

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